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While derivatives continue to play an increasingly vital role in driving today s global financial markets, they also continue to be one of the most complicated and often misunderstood financial instruments in the marketplace In Derivatives Handbook Risk Management and Control, two of the field s leading experts bring together the best, current cutting edge thinking on derivatives to provide a comprehensive and accessible resource on risk management Derivatives Handbook presents a cogent, clear eyed, and fresh perspective with an all star roster of leading practitioners, academics, attorneys, accountants, consultants, and professionals who share their invaluable insights These seasoned players provide incisive discussions on a wide range of topics, including Risk and Regulation in Derivatives Markets, Credit Derivatives, and Minimizing Operations Risk Plus, there are comprehensive sections dedicated to case law and legal risk, risk measurement, risk oversight, regulation, and transparency and disclosure For further guidance, Derivatives Handbook provides a concise survey of literature on some of the most significant scholarship in recent years This book contains a wealth of probing, informative articles for not only finance professionals, but also for senior managers, corporate boards, lawyers, students, and anyone with an interest in the financial markets Derivatives the latest thinking, the top minds in the field, the newest applications Derivatives Handbook Risk Management and Control brings together the latest and best thinking on derivatives and risk management from some of the world s leading practitioners, academics, attorneys, accountants, consultants, and professionals all in one acclaimed book Robert Schwartz and Clifford Smith have created a solid resource for derivatives use Sections include Risk and Regulation in Derivatives Markets Credit Derivatives Report Card on VAR Hedge Accounting Minimizing Operations Risk The Board of Directors Role Firm wide Risk Management An entire section of derivative case studies Plus, a complete review of case law affecting swaps and related derivative instruments Derivatives Handbook Risk Management and Control covers a wide range of subjects related to risk management including legal risks, accounting issues, the current global regulatory debate and an explanation of how to manage and measure risk The editors have formed a truly impressive group of contributors This book strikes a good balance throughout to focus on the significant issues in the industry and provide a broad perspective on risk management Gay H Evans, Senior Managing Director, Bankers Trust International, PLC and Chairman of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association Derivatives Handbook Risk Management and Control provides the most reliable, current information and authoritative guidance for anyone with an interest in the derivatives markets The Contributors Brandon Becker, Tanya Styblo Beder, Harold Bierman, Jr Wendy H Brewer, Michael S Canter, Andrew J C Clark, Christopher L Culp, Daniel P Cunningham, Franklin R Edwards, Gerald D Gay, Anthony C Gooch, Wendy Lee Gramm, Alan Greenspan, Margaret E Grottenthaler, Douglas E Harris, Ludger Hentschel, Jamie Hutchinson, Frank Iacono, James V Jordan, Linda B Klein, Anatoli Kuprianov, James C Lam, Robert J Mackay, Robert M Mark, Francois Ihor Mazur, Joanne T Medero, Antonio S Mello, Merton H Miller, John E Parsons, Jeffrey L Seltzer, Charles W Smithson, and Thomas J Werlen