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Keith was miserable at work because of Duane and his constant taunting Ashley hated that Keith was miserable, and hearing the things Duane said about her infuriated herSo when they hit a bar near Keith s office for a night of fun and Duane shows up acting like his usual cocky self Ashley decides to teach the chocolate god a lesson To show him that not all girls will throw themselves at him despite his attitudeOnly when she gets onto the dance floor the innocent young wife starts to realize she may be in way over her head with this player Cocky, arrogant, built, insanely attractive and so sure of himself, Duane is everything her husband isn t And the longer she stays on the dance floor trying to convince him she isn t interested, the she starts to realize she might not be the one in control anyTaken By My Husband s Bully is a smoking hot cuckold hotwife story featuring A sexy wife s seduction A built African American Adonais who is than happy to seduce his coworker s naive wife on the dance floor A husband watching his wife with another man Public and voyeur themes

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