Cryptocurrency: Understanding the World of Crypto and Currency Trading (Audio Download): Jiles Reeves, Cheri Gardner, Jiles Reeves: Audible Audiobooks –

This book is truly fascinating I know most of us have heard about Bitcoin, but this really helped me understand what it is This dives in depth into cryptocurrency and is a great read Two titles in one bundle that will teach you about cryptocurrency dangers and opportunities Book One Beware of the pitfalls Bitcoin is highly unstable And the rise and fall of the currency have already shown it Is it all a scam Well, yes and no The controversy around it is astounding Listen and learn all about it in this book, as well as about topics like How to secure your money and Bitcoin currencies Better ways to recognize internet scams and legit companies or opportunities How people are cashing in through the Bitcoin trend The future of Bitcoin and the unstable twists and turns Technical and financial issues with Bitcoin you could encounter Book Two Ripple Coin is a minor cryptocurrency that sometimes gets forgotten in the Bitcoin hype Can Ripple overtake Bitcoin someday Can you mine for Ripple Coin too Is it a good alternative to invest in Why has its value increased so rapidly And will it continue to grow