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In this myth busting book Nouriel Roubini shows that everything we think about economics is wrong Financial crises are not unpredictable black swans , but an inherent part of capitalism Only by remaking our financial systems to acknowledge this, can we get out of the mess we re in Will there be another recession, and if so what shape When will the next bubble occur What can we do about it Here Roubini gives the answers, and lists his commandments for the future Great book. An excellent summary of the 2008 financial crisis, the government policy responses, and how this will affect economics and finance in the future Equally, the evidence of the volatility of capitalism is convincing, as well as the need to prepare for and mitigate crises My only criticism is that it does not relate this new doctrine of crisis economics to the renewal of Keynesian ideas in a definitive way, but a thrilling read none the less. Overall a very good book which outlines well the causes of the crisis and offers many compelling arguments for where the financial system should go from here including regulation, fiscal and, monetary policy My only slight grievance for the book is his clear dislike of bankers Not an unjustified dislike to hold but several sections are written in a subjective view rather than objective which I feel ruins how well written the book is overall. Great book. I really enjoyed reading this book I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to have a good understanding of the financial crisis. Crisis Economics This book could become a classicThis is an excellent book detailing the current economic crisis 2010 The combination of the authors journalistic and economic experience has produced a book which is both accessible and authoritative It tells a story that will make the reader in turn extremely interested, very angry and deeply depressed.The historical background on crises past is very useful This is a topic ignored during any boom and re discovered during any bust The small print of financial sales literature often states that Past performance is not a guide to future performance but over the long term financial history does seem to repeat itself.This book has three broad sections financial history, a description of the lead up to the recent bust and suggestions for a proper response to the crisis The mistakes of President Hoover at the start of the Great Depression have not been repeated but the current crisis is far from over In particular, the apparent containment of the current crisis may give a false sense of security, and the re regulation may be inadequate A new edition of this book will soon be required, with a section detailing how the current situation was handled. This book clearly explains how crisis are built A must read for people who want to understand what indicators should be looked at to perform an health check of economy.Written a few years back, its message is of highest relevance now that we are living in the longest expansionary cycle.It touches upon different economic theories, while describing how financial markets operate with their intrinsic strenght and weaknesses. Brilliant book I took a couple of economics classes in university, and frankly found it like trying to read VCR programming directions This book, however said it all in a very readable format Short on jargon, long on descriptions of what happened to cause the mess Since he wrote the book that predicted the mess, and wasn t heeded, I doubt that his solutions will be heeded either Politicians love the funding from the money men too much, and won t do anything to jeopardise that What a shame. Good read overall.Not too terribly insightful, a history lesson on the US crash and a warning for Canadians about the fore gone conclusion of a crashimminent crash