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Written By A Very Well Known Authority In Forensic Science, This Book Introduces The Non Scientific Reader To The Field Of Forensic Science Through Applications To Criminal Investigations, Clear Explanations Of The Techniques, And The Abilities And Limitations Of Modern Crime Labs, Criminalistics Covers The Comprehensive Realm Of Forensics The Book Strives To Make The Technology Of The Modern Crime Laboratory Clear To The Non Scientist Combining Case Stories With Applicable Technology, Criminalistics Captures The Excitement Of Forensic Science Investigations Familiarizes Readers With The Most Current Technologies In Forensic Analysis KEY Aims At Making The Subject Of Forensic Science Comprehensible To A Wide Variety Of Readers Who Are Planning On Being Aligned With The Forensic Science Profession

10 thoughts on “Criminalistics

  1. Linda Linda says:

    I took a course in Forensics from Coursera recently and this was one of the suggested textbooks I m REALLY glad that I got it because not only does it nicely complement the course, but it s a great learning experience on its own.It can be read as a book rather than a textbook in fact, I think the chapte...

  2. Ann Ann says:

    Even though this book was required reading for my Forensic Science class, I found it absolutely fascinating I had no idea how in depth the Crime Scene Unit investigators get when it comes to collecting data, transporting that data and then passing it off to the forensic scientist for analyzing The crimes that have been solved through the talents of i...

  3. Reginald Finley Reginald Finley says:

    A really good textbook for general forensics If you have a background in physical science and biology, you should find it quite familiar and if new to Forensics, fascinating I highly recommend supplementing with Gardner s Practi...

  4. Colleen Colleen says:

    This textbook offers a great overview for an introductory forensic science course every major segment of forensic science is covered to some degree entomology, fire examination, firearms, bloodstain analysis, etc The case studies are really interesting, too, and there are a lot of websites recommended that...

  5. Angela Angela says:

    I registered a book at read an earlier edition while in collegefinished this one in preparation for my certification test tomorrow Lots of good info, but the computer sections are already out dated

  6. Thomas Dejewski Thomas Dejewski says:

    A very informative read a wealth of information A tough read that is very science oriented It took me a great deal of time to outline each chapter for class, but the book had great chapter outlines, nice pictures.

  7. Jini Jini says:

    A decent book I had for one of my classes, but I don t think it went far enough in some of its explanations I seem to remember there being a lot of supplemental material we had in powerpoint presentations for class.

  8. Matthew Matthew says:

    This book is the second of only two of my college text books that I have enjoyed reading This book delves into the lab work side of criminal justice The science behind some of the techniques and procedures is wild Really exciting read If you re into this sort of thing.

  9. Jenny Jenny says:

    The class was awesome, but the book was a little lacking in terms of really comprehensive information Forensic Science still rocks

  10. Bradley America Bradley America says:

    I was sad over having to return this to the textbook rental place.