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Contatti 1 Activity Book is a brand new workbook to accompany Contatti, the first stage Italian course for adult learners, providing a wealth of new material designed to reinforce and extend the material in Contatti 1 Student s Book It mirrors the fourteen units of the coursebook offering a variety of exercises, homework tasks and self access activities to consolidate language input and provide further practice Each unit contains topics reviewed with further vocabulary and extension activities reinforcement and clarification of grammatical structures with additional tasks and exercisesextra reading material and stimulus to writingThe final page in each unit contains an overview of the whole unit with extra reading and writing activities, a short text of cultural interest and a self assessment checklist enabling students to review what they have learnt Units 7 and 14, which are revision units, provide proficiency tests on all the material covered in previous sections The book finishes with a complete Answer Key.The Activity Book is a valuable resource for learners and teachers alike It can be used to complement the coursebook, providing extra material for fast learners or homework activities to consolidate what has been learnt in class It can also be used for self access and as a general practice workbook for beginners and false beginners in Italian.

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    In order to choose top standard Italian learning materials, we went to 2 major bookstores in London and compared several Italian learning texts After due examination with our Italian advisor writer , we also concluded this is the most useful text to acquire fundamental Italian language skill.Then we did as always we do Looked for the item at and purchased from for unbeatable price and customer service.The text contains many practical exercises that we encounter in everyday life situation, thereby enabling students to prepare real life in Italy or Italian communication skill is needed.

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    This book has a lot of useful exercises to do at home between classes to practise all the new grammar that s been introduced in the different chapters It also has a key to all the exercises so you can check them yourself.A word of warning though The instructions aren t always very clear, particularly not to beginners, so you might need a teacher to explain them to you There are also no explanations so it s not always easy to see what you ve done wrong and why it s wrong Further, there s a lot of typos, both in the main part of the book and in the answer section so don t always accept something as wrong, do ask your teacher if you think it s supposed to be right.

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    Very pleased with book I didn t have long to wait It has good quality Can t wait to start using it Olivia P

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    Very happy Great exercises Highly recommend.

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    Compliments course book with reinforcement exercises which give plenty of extra practice.

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    Book is as described and arrived in time Book is as described and arrived in time It s in good condition and serves the purpose well Recommended to all learners of Italian.

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    Good value

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    A great learning tool.