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very well written book on the concept of mass, which is one of the concept of series out of many In one book the entire development of the mass concept is descibed in a narrative form except towards the end when the relativistic mass concept is explained It starts with ancient thouts and end with Quantum Mechanical concept of the mass, relating each new concept with the previous as it isa developed Although it is mostly narrative, in order to understand and enjoy the book and history of Mass some physics mathematics background is necessary I really enjoy this series. Prize Winning Exposition Of The Historical Development Of The Concept Of Mass Analyzes Such Topics As The Ancient Concept Of Mass, The Neoplatonic Concept Of Inertia, Conceptualization Of Inertial Mass, Modern Concept Of Mass, Mass And Energy, Concept Of Mass In Quantum Mechanics And Field Theory, And Much Edition I found this book utterly pedantic and boring Why would I care what the ancients said about mass, unless as part of a systematic study of the thought of the different philosophers I found the treatment of Newtonian and relativistic theory labored and lacking in insight Just study Newtonian mechanics, special relative, and general relativity and you will understand the notion of mass Also cosmology and dark matter dark energy. Great Difficult to read.