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An Understanding Of Thermal Physics Is Crucial To Much Of Modern Physics, Chemistry And Engineering This Book Provides A Modern Introduction To The Main Principles That Are Foundational To Thermal Physics, Thermodynamics And Statistical Mechanics The Key Concepts Are Carefully Presented In A Clear Way, And New Ideas Are Illustrated With Copious Worked Examples As Well As A Description Of The Historical Background To Their Discovery Applications Are Presented To Subjects As Diverse As Stellar Astrophysics, Information And Communication Theory, Condensed Matter Physics And Climate Change Each Chapter Concludes With Detailed Exercises The Second Edition Of This Popular Textbook Maintains The Structure And Lively Style Of The First Edition But Extends Its Coverage Of Thermodynamics And Statistical Mechanics To Include Several New Topics, Including Osmosis, Diffusion Problems, Bayes Theorem, Radiative Transfer, The Ising Model And Monte Carlo Methods New Examples And Exercises Have Been Added Throughout

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  1. Alphysicist Alphysicist says:

    This book is a very nice textbook for an undergraduate statistical physics course It treats the basics well, explains kinetic theory and thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, as well as some nonequilibrium physics The chapters are short and self contained The examples are interesting and well chosen for example, the Stirling engine is included in the types of engines treated For general knowledge a biographical page is included of many of the names mentioned.This book contrasts strongly with a book like Greiner Stocke and Neiser, which aims at very rigorous mathematical foundations For me, this was missing somewhat, but for modern undergrad courses, probably this approach works very well Especially, if the students taking the course are not all physicists, but engineers, or from other science disciplines The accessible explanation and treatment of some quite complex phenomena, for example, Kramers Kronig relations, Onsager reciprocity , is a definite virtue of Blundell and Blundell.

  2. sherrie sherrie says:

    Book is good, as expected The shipping was terrible The book was shipped in only a bubble envelope and one corner was ripped open and scuffed the book corner I would press for a return but I needed it for class Not happy with shipping quality.

  3. George Hrabovsky George Hrabovsky says:

    This is a fun book to read No Really It is It is rare for a physics book to talk about spherical chicken or nut roasts, for example The principles and examples are clearly delineated There are margin notes from the authors Suggestions for what math you need for certain sections Biographies of major players in thermal physics And suggestions for further reading for some chapters.

  4. greatordinary greatordinary says:

    Excellent book Excellent condition.

  5. J. Carman J. Carman says:

    I used this book in conjunction with Kittel for an upper division undergraduate course, and was extremely happy that I did I constantly turned to this text when Kittel became too dense and confusing This text really helped clarify many of the essential concepts of this course In addition, I consistently used this as a reference This book consolidates important information and equations very clearly and concisely something that Kittel does very poorly.However, Kittel was still essential in getting at the root of the physics behind the concepts Kittel is a much deeper book when asking Why Blundell and Blundell is a wonderful text, but is not the best stand alone text I highly recommend it as a supplemental text.