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Japan can be one of the most exciting and exotic destinations in travel But it can also be one of the most frustrating for those unfamiliar with the language, culture or symbols Trying to understand what to order on a menu is hard enough when the alphabet looks familiar when you don t know your blowfish from your noodles Help is here The Complete Idiot s Guide to Japanese provides a comprehensive, beginning level primer for learning the Japanese you need to know How do you participate in a tea ceremony and what does it mean How do you properly introduce yourself in a business situation Should you bow And how do you understand how to pronounce the inflections This book provides the answers as well as the basics of language construction and vocabulary In my opinion, this book is poorly organized In addition, many parts of it were at odds with what I was learning from a native Japanese speaking instructor in adult school The CD is much too fast paced to do any good, and the designations of CD and track were reversed, so I found it difficult to find what I was looking for The Japanese to English and English to Japanese dictionaries were so small that I could never find a word I was looking for Forget it awesome book i love it tells you have to pronounce the symbols properly with the CD in book easy to write and speak tells you how to put sentences togather a lifesaver tips and a special sheet showing signs in japanese with english next to it so you wont get lostin japan easy to write with questions and has exercises to test you really great i picked up over 100 japanese words in less then a few days and can even put sentences togather including greetings with proper syntax a must have for everyone starting japanese courses i highly recommend it to anyone studying japanese or getting to know how to write the language. Ich finde Naoya Fujitas The Complete Idiot s Guide To Conversational Japanese 409 Seiten, mit CD zum Erlernen der modernen japanischen Sprache einfach Klasse Die Sprache und Grammatik wird schwungvoll, einfach und unkompliziert dargestellt und vermittelt Die jeweiligen Lektionen sind berzeugend praxisnah geschrieben und angenehm zu lernen Auerdem gibt Fujita mit u.a Green Tae Break , Lifesavers , Shortcuts to Success , Huh zahlreiche und weiterfhrende Tipps ber Land und Leute sowie Sitten und Gebruche, welche ein zustzliches Highlight fr den Anfnger des Japanischen sind Des Weiteren finde ich die Einfhrung in die japanische Schrift kurz, knapp und przise Auch die Wrterbcher English Japanese English sind sehr hilfreich und extrem ntzlich.Besonders sinnvoll finde ich ferner, dass alle Kapitel des Buches in lateinischen Buchstaben geschrieben sind Das gibt mir zunchst Sicherheit im Umgang mit der Sprache und fhrt zum gehirngerechten Lernen und Behalten der Vokabeln, der Grammatik und der Satzstruktur zunchst romanisiert Im nchsten Schritt bin ich dann ganz ungezwungen in der Lage, Stck fr Stck den bereits gelernten Lernstoff mit der Kana und Kanji Schreibweise zu wiederholen und zu verinnerlichen.Wenn sich der Lernende zunchst vorstellen kann, ein romanisiertes Japanisch zu lernen, um dann im zweiten Schritt die Kana und Kanji Schreibweise auf das Erlernte anzuwenden, dann ganbatte kudasai I borrowed this from the library once, along with several other Japanese language books, this is by far the best one I am in the process of buying it now In minutes I was enthralled in the fluid learning system, and despite the somewhat awkward CD having several examples per track, it is a great value WELL worth the money if you want to start learning this language I bought the kindle version of this book while traveling through Japan recently The text was good and definitely helped me pick up some extra phrases Unfortunately, the Kindle version doesn t have the audio support from the CD This was a problem, because it meant that I couldn t hear the pronunciations While the e book does have text to speech activated, the pronunciation isn t quite right If you want the audio functionality, buy the book, rather than the kindle edition it s a good book but the cd seemed to go a little to fast and they didn t even do the english translation on it to help figure out what the Japanese word or phrase was i used this book while taking lessons from a japanese tutor i liked how the author explained things it definitely got me started on the right foot in learning this beautiful language i studied for only a couple of months, but was able to speak a lot of phrases when i went to Japan If you are trying to learn Japanese, i would recommend getting this book I would also recommend getting a tutor Going to Japan next year This book has an audio CD with it, seems very useful so far. These books make it super easy to help understanding new subjects the reader can understand Before making the purchase I d go check out your local used bookstore to see if they have it.