14 thoughts on “Communicate in Greek 1 (Book + CD)

  1. Mary D Mary D says:

    This seems to be the only Greek text book for beginners on the market It s pretty hard to understand as a beginner, and difficult to locate information within it if you don t actually speak Greek yet As I come to the end of the book after a year of study, I still have to flip back and forth continually and the lack of any explanations in English makes this very tricky The CD too is very outdated and it s impossible to find a place to actually listen to it It also won t download onto an iPhone only onto a computer They should definitely provide an online version and download something that is possible with every singe revision guide in the UK It would also be much easier to revise and learn from anywhere or while travelling The book itself is too heavy to lug around The graphics of the book are very simple and do not act as good visual guides or aids to memory I almost gave this book a 2 star rating as it seems to be benefiting from lack of market competition to provide a very lack lustre approach, but decided that as the content is overall pretty thorough, covering all the basics of grammar, vocab etc, that a three would be fairer I do hope that the publishers decide to update this book for the 21st century sometime soon

  2. Mac11 Mac11 says:

    Recommended by a tutor for Greek lessons No issues with seller, great service Just wish the book had some English words in it but I suppose that s the point The CD need better index, but the materials are quite good

  3. Nikos Kyurdzhiev Nikos Kyurdzhiev says:

    Quite a nice book with some useful material at the back of the book vocabulary lists on 3 4 different languages like it

  4. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    It is a it states and it came in time, thank you

  5. June June says:

    I bought this book with CD in the back because I need it for a course I am taking It s very good at teaching you to read Greek and use Greek words in simple sentences The weakness at first seemed to be that it didn t have any grammar in it but relied on users learning every word individually I really need to know the grammatical reasons why we use certain words and certain word endings My first impression was rather misleading though there is grammar in each chapter but not until after a piece of reading and comprehension.The real drawback of this edition is that it has no English in it and I find it hard to remember the meanings of the words In some of the chapters we have to write down the Greek words for the objects in the drawings but the drawings aren t very good and it s often hard to identity the objects even in English It s quite fun to use but I think it would be better if it had a glossary in the back.

  6. Christopher Osbourne Christopher Osbourne says:

    Good book for the teacher but not for self learning.All dialogue in greek although there is a dictionary at the end

  7. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    This is useless for complete beginners because it s all in Greek I made the mistake of buying it and it s not cheap The book you need as a beginner is Communicate in Greek for Beginners by Kleanthes and Frosso Arvanitakis, ISBN number 9789607914385.


    A very good book and a very good job by the writers I suggest it.

  9. Cliente stg2bio.co Cliente stg2bio.co says:

    A m me ha parecido muy c modo soy autodidacta, pero no es el primer idioma extranjero para m , lo que ayuda en la comprensi n del material Las reglas de lectura se dan en ingl s, luego todo el libro es en griego El CD ayuda mucho con la lectura y pronunciaci n Hablan de manera natural Al final del libro hay un diccionario en varios idiomas incluido ruso , suficiente para traducir palabras nuevas del mismo libro, casi no busco palabras fuera El material se da en buenas porciones, de simple a complicado , aumentando cada lecci n Al final del libro hay correcciones ejercicios y textos de las grabaciones CD No s decir que nivel es Todav a estoy en proceso del estudio Creo que es muy b sico El idioma no es de los f ciles para m y me parece que este libro es suficiente de momento para m como principiante Agradable al tacto y esteticamente.

  10. Sabine Schubert Sabine Schubert says:

    Ist sicher gut aufgebaut, aber nur wenn man schon Vorkenntnisse besitzt Habe dieses Buch nur, weil es von unserem Kursleiter benutzt wird

  11. Anna Anna says:

    Bonne m thode

  12. Sillybum Sillybum says:

    Tr s bonne m thode Le ons et cahiers d exercices pratiques et bien con us pour ceux qui n ont pas forc ment beaucoup de temps y consacrer.

  13. José Luis Ruiz José Luis Ruiz says:

    Parece muy completo y creo que es el mejor libro de texto de griego para extranjeros que he encontrado.

  14. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    Best Greek learning at the moment,