[Best] Colloquial Panjabi: The Complete Course for Beginners: A Complete Language Course (Colloquial Series)Author Mangat Rai Bhardwaj – Z55z.co

There should be follow up because it was so good I am no linguist, but I love learning with this book Within two weeks of receiving this book I was having understandable exchanges in Punjabi with non english speakers.This is not a phrase book, yet neither is it a dry dissitation on grammar and conjugation The author introduces words and phrases through conversational exchanges and then breaks down the sentences to show literal and intentional translations, explaining sentence structure and how the rules differ from English This is a very interactive way of learning.I haven t listened to the tapes, so sometimes I get pronunciation wrong and need to be corrected Personally I like this, since it takes the pressure off being perfect before I use a sentence and gives Punjabi speakers an opportunity to help in my education. Irated this book a five star as I wanted a book as an introduction to another language Great online way to purchase as I am not always able to get out. In terms of modernity, the course the book and the recordings is miles ahead of any competition, but it is not for the users who are afraid of exercising the muscles of their brains or wish to learn Tourist Panjabi only The author seems to be inspired by the modern Generative school of linguistics He says very clearly that the course is meant for intelligent and dedicated adult learners who wish to use Panjabi in all sorts of, and often unpredictable, situations The dialogues and exercises deal with many different types of situations, rules of grammar and pronunciation are explained expertly and in great detail, hundreds of Panjabi words dealing with various topics are given in the Vocabulary section, a long list of Panjabi verbs is also given, and the user is actively encouraged to imagine new situations, find appropriate words from the Vocabulary section dictionary to generate new appropriate utterances The section dealing with the Panjabi script is the best introduction to the writing system of a North Indian script I have come across.The course has a well planned architecture and does not appear to consist of chunks assembled together The lessons move from the grammatically less complex to the complex The cassette recordings have not only the dialogues and exercises but also explanations and exemplification of the subtleties of pronunciation, especially Panjabi tones, which could not be presented on the printed pages The extremely natural sounding and dramatic dialogues present real life situations and have a touch of tenderness and gentle humour The Grammatical Summary and the Vocabulary section should be a boon to any leaner of Panjabi.Sadly, the author does not tell the user where to move from here because no courses for the learning of Panjabi at a higher level exist I have been looking for one for the last four years and have not been able to find any What about Bhardwaj himself writing one A The book itself is very thorough and the author goes into extensive detail about how and why words are used However, it became obvious that I was not going to pick up much at all without the CD for pronunciation guidance It also appears that it is very difficult to get hold of the CD so I would not advise this book as a learning aid on its own. Vraiment tr s bien, en compl ment du livre teachyoursrlf, il est tr s utile Enfin une bonne m thode car en penjabi, c est rare Je recommande Colloquial Panjabi is easy to use and completely clear Specially written by experienced teachers for self study or class use, the course offers you a step by step approach to written and spoken Panjabi No prior knowledge of the language is requiredWhat makes Colloquial Panjabi your best choice in personal language learning interactive lots of dialogues and exercises for regular practice clear concise grammar notes practical useful vocabulary and pronunciation guide complete including answer key and special reference sectionBy the end of this rewarding course you will be able to communicate confidently and effectively in a broad range of situations Accompanying audio material is available to purchase separately on CD MP formatRecorded by native speakers, this audiomaterial will help you develop your pronunciation, listening and speaking skills Probably the best book to learn Panabi printed in the West Complete Panjabi isn t bad, but this is better.It uses the international phonetic alphabet which doesn t really help with the pronunciation You will need the tapes, the distinctions between the sounds letters are often missed by non South Asians.Also go to youtube and look for videos on Panjabi Pronunciation a video by Canadian student Stephen Guccione sic will help marvelously After you get out of the pronunciation gate the language become easier Gurmukhi script is the easiest Indian script to learn. The book is intensive, not a casual read it teaches you the written language as well as the oral i am finding it hard to learn, but any book would make this hard they use totally new characters in there language that i am trying to learn the book is good