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This is a compact and convenient guide to learning the Kansai dialect of the Japanese language Maido, maido and welcome to the Kansai region of western Japan Whether visiting or living in this area, you will quickly notice the locals aren t speaking standard Japanese taught in textbooks and classrooms The language on the streets is Kansai ben a dialect said to be earthier and direct, but with its own polite language With clear explanations of grammar, a Kansai ben dictionary, and a helpful index, Colloquial Kansai Japanese is an indispensable guide to the rich speech of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe Hundreds of sample phrases, sentences and conversations show how the dialect works in everyday situations, ranging from shopping to dealing with the boss And while you re leaning about the nuances of Kansai ben, you will have fun reading about Kansai cuisine, sports and specialties So open your mouth when you speak, roll your r s, and try out this colorful dialect With your copy of Colloquial Kansai Japanese, you will soon be among friends in Kansai

13 thoughts on “Colloquial Kansai Japanese: The Dialects and Culture of the Kansai Region (Tuttle Language Library)

  1. howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer says:

    Literally the worst book I have ever purchased The roumaji actually PRECEDES everything else, so you never get a chance to enjoy reading what little Japanese is actually in this book.

  2. Chira Chira says:

    I bought this to try and understand some of the things that my girlfriend says when she gets angry and slips back into Osaka ben Now i m only pretending when I tell her that I don t understand what she s saying It s a good book, easy to read, with plenty of content and example conversations to add context to everything you learn.

  3. S Sparrow S Sparrow says:

    I ve been studying Japanese for about 8 years now, and decided to branch out into learning a different dialect Learning Kansai ben is certainly opening up a whole new dimension of the language for me.This book not only explains the differences between Kansai ben and Standard Japanese, but also teaches you about the culture of the Kansai region, along with lots of crazy examples and illustrations an example sentence is Do you mind if I take your wife out on a date.This book is aimed at those who already have a working knowledge of Standard Japanese Don t bother with this if you are a total beginner to the language We also get to learn about the variations within the Kansai region, plus differences between male and female speech patterns.This book would have greatly been enhanced if it included accompanying audio for the example words and dialogue, whether a CD, downloadable MP3s, or even an online video Sure, you can learn to speak the dialect, but if you also can t get the accent right, it will sound a little wrong, I think There is a lot to get through, but I m really enjoying working through this book Omoroi na

  4. Silvia S Silvia S says:

    Libro interessante per chi si accinge a trascorrere molto tempo nella zona del Kansai e vorrebbe capire il significato di certe espressioni che fanno sorgere la domanda Ma son parole giapponesi che non conosco o semplicemente Kansai ben E per la maggior parte delle volte, s , Kansai ben.Ovviamente bisogna saper parlare Giapponese, non un libro di grammatica Giapponese ovviamente bisogna comprendere bene anche l inglese.

  5. Irene Irene says:

    I learned a lot with this book You will not be a master of Kansai dialect when you finish it but you will learn a lot and understand the most common expressions, especially in Osaka ben.

  6. Leolio Leolio says:

    Un tr s bon ouvrage, qui couvre avec d tails le dialecte du Kansai Pour les japonisants confirm s.

  7. Iliana Iliana says:

    Really usefull and written in a simple funny way.

  8. Gina Moceri Gina Moceri says:

    Very interesting I m an avid studier of Japanese, already having earned an online diploma on the subject I have interest in dialects as wellThis gives a good description of Southern Japanese accent It s not all about Tokyo dialect They are stiff and silent in Tokyo, and open and fun in Nagoya south for example, what I got out of the few pages I ve read so farAlso, I joke, if Andy Griffith were dubbed in Japanese , they d use a Kansai dialect.

  9. Aarondono Aarondono says:

    Great textbook There needs to be of these textbooks for all languages focusing on a regional dialogs.When I lived in Japan, not only did this help me understand lots of comedy on TV comedians tend to use kansai ben ,but also using this book allowed me to speak enough kansai ben to at least make it looked like I had lived down south.Since the intonation of the dialect is so different from standard Japanese, if there was a CD to go with the text, it would be perfect.

  10. Yuuki Yuuki says:

    No Academic Japanese here, only real world language from the Kansai region I have forgotten so much since I lived in Osaka, that I am actually using it to study before I move back 38 years later.Easier than any academic book I have ever read and 100 times pratical.