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These twominute CDs, recorded by native speakers of Afrikaans, are an invaluable component of the Colloquial Afrikaans course While reinforcing material from the book, the CDs also contain a variety of additional exercises, including role playing, and a useful guide to pronunciation Course components The complete course comprises the book and audio materials These are available to purchase separately in paperback, ebook, CD and MP format The paperback and CDs can also be purchased together in the great value Colloquials pack Paperbackplease note this does not include the audio CDsEbookplease note this does not include the audio MPsavailable from Packpaperback and CDs

15 thoughts on “Colloquial Afrikaans: The Complete Course for Beginners (Colloquial Series)

  1. Mr. B. M. Abel Mr. B. M. Abel says:

    I m sorry to go against the flow here, BUT I must say that I simply find that course in Afrikaans absolutely excellent.Yes indeed, I did buy the book and the CDs together, as they are a must have to be able to tackes the sounds of Afrikaans.Afrikaans is NOT a difficult language. It is a tricky one though, especially if you do already speak Dutch The tendency to pronounce Afrikaans like you would pronounce Dutch is very tempting. and alas, totally wrong.That is why, if you intend to buy this course, or the good Teach Yourself Afrikaans by Lydia McDermott. make sure you do buy the complete package, and not the book only, or you will trigger some good laughs among your afrikaners friends when you ll try to speak the lingo.This course is well written, easy to follow and does give you enough knowledge at the end to be able to enjoy your times in South Africa and use your afrikaans Also, something I want to say, Afrikaners are very friendly and will be than willing to help you learning their language. Reading the book in the tube and on the plane while flying to Capetown did trigger some amazing friendly helps from native afrikaans speakers.A great book and a very user friendly course.

  2. learner learner says:

    Provided you have both the book and the tapes CDs, this is a very good course The author has written the standard grammar description of Afrikaans in English so knows his subject and how to teach it well and shares this knowledge in a practical form in this textbook As the series title suggests, many comments alert the reader to differences between the colloquial and a bookish form of the language The voices on the tapes speak slowly enough to allow easy understanding and immitation There is a key to the exercises as well as a very brief grammar summary, an Afrikaans English glossary, an English Afrikaans glossary, and an index My only disappointment is that the book does not make use of the International Phonetic Alphabet when describing Afrikaans sounds but relies on the sounds like English X but with lips rounded method.

  3. Michael Schieferstein Michael Schieferstein says:

    Hallo, ber den Inhalt des Buches will ich mich nicht weiter einlassen Da die Schriftsprache erheblich von der gesprochenen Sprache abweicht, seidem interessierten Leser dringend empfohlen die Ausgabe mit Doppel CD habe ich sie im Buchhandel f r 50,94 EUR bekommen zu erstehen Die beiden CD s laufen jeweils ca 40 Minuten Das ist ein Unterschied wie Deutsch lesen und Schwyzerd tsch sprechen Ich h tte mir gew nscht, dass die Grammatik ein bisschen tabellarisch aufbereitet worden w re Subjekt Objekt Besitzanzeigend ich mich mein du dich dein usw , aber Schwamm dr ber Insgesamt erscheint der Preis f r das Buch bzw Buch und CDs ziemlich hoch, aber wenn ich einen Sprachlehrer bezahlte, dass bek me ich auch nur zwei oder drei Unterrichtsstunden.

  4. Aimely Aimely says:

    Viele bungen, viele Dialoge Die Grammatik ist leicht erkl rt und ausreichen Vokabeln um sich ordentlich verst ndigen zu k nnen, sind auch aufgef hrt.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    M thode tr s d taill pour personne connaissant l anglais pour se perfectionner dans une dynamique pour public anglophone Cela peut m aider me perfectionner malgr que je connais bien cette langue avec des bases de grammaire bien importante Melle Brigitte Barrus

  6. Marco G. Marco G. says:

    Afrikaans is n sterwende taal wat bewaar moet word.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Very disappointed to receive a product that wasn t professionally manufactured Discs were clearly burned on a CD R One disc arrived scratched.

  8. Tyr Tyr says:

    While the book would be beneficial if you also purchase the audio discs that go along with it, it none the less gives you a lot of good starter sentences to form the basis of real communication.There is also not a lot of other books out there for this particular language.

  9. J. J. says:

    Using the two tapes and the book I was able to pick up enough to make myself understood with not too much of an Maerican English accent Glad I got this before I travelled to South Africa.

  10. David A. Nuss David A. Nuss says:

    I was on a safari for two weeks this past fall and started to learn Afrikaans Am going back next year and want to be proficient This book gets you right into the heart of the language and forces you to learn by doing Just 30 minutes of study a day, and after two weeks you have added a nice bit to your vocabulary and grammar A highly useful bookand great value.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Languages have been a bit of a compulsion and a hobby of mine throughout my life I had great success with the Colloquial Series Portuguese which I purchased to help me with my lusophone customer base at my place of employment After seeking a trip to Somaliland I invested in the Colloquial Series Somali which was a very good book as well My interests have turned towards Afrikaans in my political and business life and of course I turned to Colloquial Series Afrikaans as a jumping off point It is well written, easy to follow along and very informative For native English speakers you ll find Afrikaans a very easy and fun language to pick up I highly recommend this book to any fan of Afrikaans.

  12. xyz xyz says:

    This book is great for learning Afrikaans, especially if you already know Dutch The conversations and the grammar rules are deep enough, and you also have a dictionary at the end Quite useful.

  13. LarLyn LarLyn says:

    Thank you very much.

  14. Bruce Bruce says:

    Dit is n lekker boek vir hulle wat wens te leer Afrikaans Ek gese jou moet koop dit This is a great book for those who wish to learn Afrikaans I say you should buy it.

  15. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    this was a gift for my son but think he was happy with the book he asked me to be ordered