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The Border Trilogy Part 3 of 3In this final novel of The Border Trilogy, both John Grady Cole and Billy Parham are working at Mac Ranch, owned by a fellow named McGovern Everyone calls him Mac, and all the cowboys on the ranch know that their time together appears to be limited as the government plans to take over huge tracts of land in the area, including Mac Ranch.John Grady is now 19 and Billy is 28 They have become good friends through sharing their stories of Mexico and working together every day They have one major area of disagreement John Grady is once again madly in love this time with a young Mexican prostitute just a short and very expensive trip across the border She is in love with him, too, but there are definite problems in the relationship Not least is that Magdalena her real name works for a pimp who also happens to be in love with her.This novel has many incidents that occur on the ranch, and also in the Mexican town Once again, Cormac McCarthy grabbed my attention with his This series was pretty hit or miss for me I loved the first book, All the Pretty Horses, and then somewhat enjoyed book two, The Crossing Similarly, this one had parts I enjoyed and other parts I found to drag a b For me the least successful of the trilogy though there was still much to love This brings back the central characters of books one and two It s essentially a love story John Grady Cole falls in love with a young girl who suffers from epilepsy and works in a Mexican brothel His aim to rescue and marry her The problem is her pimp is very possessive of her The most moving relationships The Border Trilogy finale, the ending at least an ending.I greatly enjoyed Cities of the Plain The book was much dialogue driven than the previous two so than most McCarthy It read quite like a screenplay honestly I m surprised there s no adaptation in the works no Matt Damon please Landscape descriptions, landscape as a character itself, is toned down, replaced with scene and scenario, the near exciting humdrum of cowboy ranching life, a moribund profession and way of life Billy Parham has seemingly matured past his conflicted downtroddenness, his inability to get or keep what he wants from The Crossing He s John Grady s brother, father figure, his confidant They are each other s brother, with John Grady filling in for Boyd, bringing out Billy s protectiveness Billy has a voice of reason, a pragmatic and fatalistic outlook John Grady is ever the romantic, pursuing his desire with unfailing optimism and hope Billy s intentions of holding him back are frivolous The two are quite different, yet see in each other something of value, and it s their brotherly chemistry, conversation and care for one another that sucks the reader in, capturing their emotions entirely.The story is slow to begin, but once it picks En Este Ltimo Volumen De La Trilog A De La Frontera, McCarthy Re Ne A John Grady A Billy Parham, Los Dos Protagonistas De Las Dos Primeras Novelas De La Trilog A Dos H Roes, Antih Roes, Que Arrastran Un Pasado De Desarraigo Y Verdadero Exilio Interior En Un Mundo En Que Su Forma De Vida, Individualista E Independiente, Se Ve Marginada Por La Aparici N Del Mundo Moderno Autov As, Moteles, Autom Viles. La donna gli diede un colpetto su una mano Era tutta nodi, cicatrici lasciate dalle funi, macchie impresse dal sole e dagli anni Le vene in rilievo la legavano al cuore C era quanto bastava perch gli uomini vi scorgessero una mappa C era abbondanza di segni e meraviglie, da farne un paesaggio Da farne un mondo Sfogliare l ultima pagina, leggere le ultime righe, chiudere il libro e stringerselo forte forte contro il petto, con la stessa sensazione di quando si guarda rimpicciolire in lontananza l ultimo vagone di un treno che porta via una persona che ci cara Una sensazione di indescrivibile solitudine, di solitudo il sentimento del deserto e dell essere disertati da storie, motivi, paesaggi, personaggi che ormai ci sono diventati cos cari Questo ultimo volume della Trilogia della Frontiera strappa al lettore qualcosa di ineffabile Qualcosa gli stato donato e qualcosa gli stato sottratto durante il percorso Le mani sono vuote E dentro resta un dolore senza oggetto, ma fortissimo Un grosso privilegio gli stato concesso vedere Billy Parnham e John Grady Cole agire e cavalcare sullo stesso sfondo, cacciare cani selvatici, mangiare e scherzare, essere amici Gli stato concesso di vedere a confronto due orizzonti mentali distinti che gi aveva amato in Cavalli selvaggi e Oltre il confine Gli stato concesso di s Really sad to finish this trilogy It s beautiful through and through. Second Reading January 2017If All the Pretty Horses is a story about life happening without any way of stopping it, then Cities of the Plain is its perfect counterweight This is a beautiful raw earth story about forging ahead with one s dreams in spite of challenges and difficulties And only a character such as John Grady Cole, who had to accept so much of life in his first appearance in All the Pretty Horses, could have the courage and kindness necessary to push through life in this second appearance to make his dreams come true First Read January 2015McCarthy captures something magical in Cities of the Plain He captures a fleeting moment in time in the American West right before the slowly creeping forces of the industrial revolution finally found their way into this vast but remote landscape Right before the time when the traditional roles of cowboys and their horses became obsolete It is this theme, all good things, that McCarthy writes about in Cities of the Plain, in so many words, in direct and indirect ways.It s a beautiful story that McCarthy writes, filled with the pure beauty of places that now only partially exist in our modernized world There are wide fields of grass and sage, distant mountains, and cattle not in pens but grazing on the land until they need to be rounded up There are beautiful sunsets and moonless skies filled with so many stars that they too shed a faint light upon the ground J conto quase duas semanas desde que terminei a leitura do ltimo volume da Trilogia da Fronteira Num primeiro momento fiquei desiludida Cheguei a pensar que n o deveria ter lido este terceiro livro, e assim guardar na mem ria o Billy e o John eternamente jovens, puros e sonhadores Mas, como creio em Cormac, duvidei de mim E reli quatro vezes o Ep logo que me lembra As Ru nas Circulares de Borges que me ajudou a encontrar um sentido para a Trilogia.1 Belos Cavalos JohnO Humano A Paix o A Realidade 2 A Travessia BillyO Divino O Amor O Sonho.3 Cidades da Plan cieJohn e Bil A definite star rating for this would be 3.5 This is because there are parts of this book I loved and others that I didn t This is the story of John Grady and his friend Billy Two cowboys working in country Texas at the borderarea with Mexico As the title of this book alludes to the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Juarez, is the Mexican town where American cowboys go for drink and excitement It is during one of such trips that John Grady falls in love with a girl human trafficked into sex work and devices a way to rescue her A lot of the reviews that were on the front pages and the backcover of this book had the words brutal , beauty , sadness to describe this work And it is true all these are found in it A curious one talked about masculine romanticism and I don t quite understand what it means Perhaps it is because