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Feeling burned out by your business Sick of the hustle and grind culture of your industry Theres a better way Get over your perfectionism and embrace the flow of the ChillpreneurDenise Duffield Thomas, money mindset coach and best selling author, will show you how with her trademark humor and down to earth wisdom In this book, she shares invaluable business advice and counterintuitive millionaire mindset lessons no blood, sweat, or tears necessary which will set you on the path of abundance without all the hard workYoull discover how to find the business model that works perfectly for your personality, learn about key concepts such as the Golden Goose and the Keyless Life to help you work less and earn , and become a marketing pro without feeling like a sleazy car salesman Plus, Denise talks you through the smaller but no less important details of being an entrepreneur, including how to deal with awkward money situations and find the most effective ways to price your offersFull of reassuring and practical advice, Chillpreneur challenges the old, boring assumptions of what it takes to create success in business, so you can create financial independence with ease and grace

11 thoughts on “Chillpreneur: The New Rules for Creating Success, Freedom, and Abundance on Your Terms

  1. kazzieb kazzieb says:

    I ve only just started reading this book, but I m just loving it I ve bought a journal so that I can work through the book slowly and do all the exercises, but it feels like someone just gave me permission to be my kind of entrepreneur and that there s enough room in the marketplace for me too.

  2. Maria Glenn Maria Glenn says:

    I love this book I ve been a big fan of Denise s for a long time and I m a member of her Money Bootcamp She s an inspiration to me This book is like the icing on the cake, giving women permission to stop marketing like men, to stop the 24 7 hustle that we keep being urged to do by men who have no concept of what we women need to do to stay sane.I loved the practical tips and exercises and they really gave me some ideas to use in my business The Chillpreneur way really works.I ve cut back on some stuff and focused on what really matters I feel so much calmer and at peace with my business mission as a result of this book.My advice Dont just read the book Take action on the suggestions as soon as you can It really will be a game changer for you Highly recommended.

  3. Claire Williams Claire Williams says:

    I loved this book Lots of exercises to explore your stuff, your value, your dreams for yourself and your business.I m in the well being sector and have often felt lost on how to get, what I see as my invaluable work out into the world This book is full of information and presented in such an easy readible fun way.

  4. Rhea Freeman Rhea Freeman says:

    Really superb book for anyone who s feeling a bit exhausted, overwhelmed or burnt out on their business journey Really great read with lots of things to think about can t recommend it

  5. Danielle Brooker Danielle Brooker says:

    This was exactly what I needed to hear These pages are filled with the real stories I needed to hear about creating success in a way that feels right to me, how to do so with ease, and how to truly acknowledge my own worth I love the practicality of what Denise shares and have returned to the book often to remind myself of points I really needed to hear, or to reference during a programme launch to reset my mindset This is the reframe we all need to bring heart into our businesses applied with practical steps and to see the rewards across our whole lives.

  6. Julie Creffield Julie Creffield says:

    This is a brilliant book and every woman running or thinking about running a business should read it Why do we insist on making things so hard for ourselves when it really doesn t have to be either in business or in life Take a chill pill and do as Denise suggests, and just watch your business thrive.

  7. Rebecca Cockin Rebecca Cockin says:

    I ve read it twice already Such a brilliant read that keeps you on track in your business I will always come back to this when I begin to overcomplicate my business to help keep me focussed on the things that move the needle Denise teaches her biggest secrets on what supported her to grow a multi million company Love it, thank you Denise

  8. Midnight Eden Midnight Eden says:

    If you are looking for a way to put the ease back in your biz I definitely recommend this book, just finished reading it and loved it Some really great insights into why we struggle with the mindset side especially as women and how we can overcome some of those areas in really practical ways.

  9. Nic Creative Nic Creative says:

    Hustling so hard you burn your light out has never appealed to me as a particularly awesome way to live Yet, a high octane lifestyle celebrating sleep deprivation come on people when I get a solid 7 hours sleep I feel like I ve won the lottery, my energy is SEXY, and I m a better human to my people , like some screwy badge of honour is often what is pushed upon folk as the only way to get after it, and get what you want out of life.The awesome Denise shows us another way in her latest read, the way of a Chillpreneur, and I ADORE it and this woman her way of working creating in a world fake leadership is refreshingly REAL, accessible and down to earth.Divided into Four Parts, Mindset, Business Models, Money, and Marketing, so much ground is covered in this high impact book Denise helps you find your chill when you crash into obstacles and your belief account is drained of funds You know those times where you want to take out a belief loan at the Bank just to borrow some belief until you one day wake up and CHOOSE TO BELIEVE because People want your magic, not perfectionismThere s so much I LOVED about this book Running a biz or a side hustle sounds very complicated, and blow up the difficulty setting HARD, we re talkin EPIC LEVEL HARD PEOPLE yet I adore how Denise shows us how seductively uncomplicated it can be if you CHOOSE it.The mindset hacks for achieving greater abundance and chill were so good, and her ability to batch and schedule the content she creates ahead of time is FREEDOM Batching videos, social media content, tasks i.e emails is such an awesome time and freedom hack Denise does suggest no than 6 months ahead though or else you lll infect what you ve created with STALE O RAMA vibes and you ll fade to beige in terms of attraction What a great way to honour and conserve your sexy energy for the truly important When you re running on spiky mania, panic and pure adrenaline you ll get IT done sure, but at what cost What will you miss It s like those people I see shovelling food into the big hole in their face MINDLESSLY Robotic Automatic No magic From a place of CHILL you bring ALL OF YOUR On FIREYAH WITH PURPOSE ENERGY into what you are creating which is than a little bit awesome.Denise reminds us that There are people less qualified than you doing the things you want to do simply because they decided to believe in themselves Period UNKNOWNTop three things I ll be APPLYING from this awesome book The mindset hacks on BELIEF and earning what you are worth her work on money blocks is crazy good Batch it baby Creating some content ahead of time sounds like a good way to get my chill on, and find freedom YAY The Five Essentials for a Chillpreneur Biz Chapter 7

  10. Meike Haisenko Meike Haisenko says:

    Denise Duffield Thomas hat sich mit ihrem Online Business ganz nach oben gearbeitet und damit mittlerweile Millionen gemacht In ihrem dritten Buch gew hrt sie Einblick und gibt klare Tipps, wie man das eigene Business erfolgreich gestalten kann ohne sich zu berarbeiten Eine erfrischend neue Herangehensweise und angenehme Abwechslung f r alle, die erfolgreich ohne Schlafmangel sein wollen

  11. Sampada Chaudhari Sampada Chaudhari says:

    Denise s new book Chillpreneur is a fascinating read It has rewired my thinking and set straight my perspective on business, sales, hiring and In a tell it like it is style packed with humour, Denise doles out precious nuggets of advice to women in business She not only encourages you to take the path of least resistance, but she also shows you how to walk that path.What I loved most was Denise s optimism and her attitude of seeing a silver lining in everything Love how she explains that setbacks and obstacles in business are only rites of passage that can t be avoided She makes it easy to follow this with her own examples of failures and mess ups It s inspiring to know how she reframed challenges in her journey, instead of letting them derail her Her perspective can help change how you feel about one star book reviews or a crappy launch.Her persistent advice on not getting caught up in perfectionism and putting yourself out is sure to get you out of your comfort zone She recounts how she published average work at the start of her journey, that eventually led to success She says she grew her business with consistency and not perfection.She covers common mindset blocks that women entrepreneurs face and shows how to work your way out of them She details out common negative beliefs that can limit women in business She helps you identify these beliefs, guides you with tools and scripts to move out of them, in a convincing manner.The section on money is priceless and filled with prudent advice Her techniques on pricing, working for free or not and fixing charges for speaking gigs are invaluable The pieces on sales psychology and boundaries are unique and fabulous Denise shares secrets to getting to the right price She offers sharp word for word scripts to have money conversations with clients She has some oh so precious scripts for brain pickers and discount seekers that service based businesses often encounter.Not to forget her fantastic 2 step mantra simplifies the marketing process and gets you going.Denise champions starting small, showing up and choosing yourself, despite what other people think as a mantra for success.All in all, Denise shares some smart, sensible and unique ways to do less and achieve , in business Her relaxed and imperfect approach is a smart way to get maximum results with minimum effort.