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Imagine yourself in th century England King Edward I has just named the fictitious Kevin le Strange to be the Lord of Aberwyvern a rich but rebellious area of Northwest Wales Lord Kevin s first task is to oversee the construction of a strategically placed castle and town in order to assure that England can dominate the Welsh once and for all And a story is born In the Caldecott Honor Book Castle, David Macaulay author, illustrator, former architect and teacher sets his sights on the creation and destiny of Lord Kevin s magnificent castle perched on a bluff overlooking the sea Brick by brick, tool by tool, worker by worker, we witness the methodical construction of a castle through exquisitely detailed pen and ink illustrations Children who love to know how things work especially appreciate Macaulay s passion for process and engineering Moats, arrow loops, plumbing, dungeons, and weaponry are all explained in satisfying detail This talented author also has a keen sense of irony and tragedy, which is played out in the intricacies of the human story a castle can be built as a fortress, but ultimately it becomes obsolete when humans discover that cooperation works best Agesand older Gail HudsonWhat David Macaulay can draw churches, cities, pyramids he does better than any pen and ink illustrator in the world Castle once again goes through a brick by brick assembly, employing cross hatches and thin black lines to evoke a medieval place and period Time Magazine

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