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Sahil great book, well set out The diagrams are what sets your book apart Different learning styles require different approaches Lines and lines of code mean nothing to someone who is a visual learner Your diagrams make understanding much easier for visual learners It is the initial first steps where someone either gives up or continues Michael Heenan If you have been struggling to learn object orientated programming in C , this book is finally going to help you understand it This book is aimed at complete beginners and it will save you hours of frustration as most other C books and resources assume you know everything about object oriented programming How is this book different from other programming books The concepts are explained as simply as possible in plain English where most other C books get far too technical with concepts Visual diagrams and flowcharts to get the reader to intuitively understand what is happening instead of dull pages containing paragraphs of explanations that beginners cannot understand Straight to the point code examples that are clearly documented step by step instead of drowning readers with pages of examples that barely explain anything Who should buy this book Anyone who is brand new to object orientated programming in C Anyone who has spent hours and hours struggling to learn C with other bland books and resources People with the desire to learn and master the skill of programming in C which can lead to a wonder of opportunities

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  1. Michael Mcfarren Michael Mcfarren says:

    Excellent readI have experience in many other languages Without it I m not sure I d be able to get through this text at the half way point and beyond I do like the direct approach and feel this will be a good reference for beginning programmers.