read online Best BRAIN BATS OF VENUS BASIL WOLVERTON HC 02 By Greg Sadowski –

This is Vol 2 of the biography of the legendary midcentury cartoonist, who created the comically grotesque Lena the Hyena.


  1. Sym Sym says:

    Amazing So much info and art I ve never seen before and I ve been obsessed with Wolverton since I was a teenager in the eighties when some decent Wolverton reprint comic books were coming out Vol 1 was so good and I knew we d be seeing the sci fi horror stories which look GREAT btw but I didn t realize how much other stuff they still had up their sleeves for this book It was worth the long wait Such a beautiful book Thanks to Sadowski and FB

  2. fan fan says:

    This is the fourth book from Fantagraphics that I own that has binding issues right out of the box Check out the reviews of WE TOLD YOU SO COMICS AS ART as another example of this same quality control issue At the prices they charge, one would assume the the covers will not detach after the first reading When I purchased vol 1 of this series, I thought this defect might have been a fluke but, sadly, this is just business as usual with Fantagraphics.

  3. Alec H. Boyd Alec H. Boyd says:

    Greg Sadowski s Brain Bats of Venus is a great combination of a comic archives and comic history His insightful biography of Basil Wolverton adds incredibly interesting context to the some of the best art and stories of the 1950s This books is clearly a labor of love, but it also features some of the best reproduction you ll see in an archive project This book, like its predecessor Creeping Death from Neptune, is at the pinnacle of comic archives and history A must buy

  4. Robert C. Conrad Robert C. Conrad says:

    Many author s works promise a thorough vetting of their subject, but rarely are tomes to creative talent as meticulously detailed, well researched and edited as Greg Sadowski s biographical retrospectives of the artist Basil Wolverton The restored art is reproduced clearly and the information about his life in the world of comics is in depth, providing a wealth of photographs and illuminating documentation Highly recommended, as is the first volume.

  5. Michael T. Gilbert Michael T. Gilbert says:

    What can I say If you re a fan of Basil Wolverton or pre Code horror comics, you HAVE to get this book Brain Bats of Venus includes every straight horror and sci fi story Basil drew and usually wrote for Morse Publishing and Marvel in the 1950s, beautifully scanned from the original comic books These are stunningly weird tales, drawn in a style somewhat reminiscent of Bob Crumbonly creepier But that s not all The book also includes a number of Basil s humorous strips, an unpublished sci fi newspaper tryout strip series, as well as various book illustrations, drawn in his inimitable style.Equally fascinating, author Greg Sadowski also included rare correspondence between Basil and his publishers We get to see them improve his work by forcing editorial changes, and often stiffing him for his payment Meanwhile, the electric company threatens to shut off his lights, and Wolverton is forced to take loans to pay for groceries But in spite of all this, Basil never stinted on his work, never cut corners and somehow produced some of the spookiest sci fi and horror comics of any era Comic fans who love weird comics have to get this My highest recommendation Michael T Gilbert