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From the crime scene to the courtroom, forensic science has revolutionized detective investigation over the past seventy years Today, forensic science is an essential part of the prosecution process, with many convictions being secured solely on forensic evidence Bodies of Evidence looks in detail at the development and evolution of forensic science and discusses it in relation to real CSIs crime scene investigations , forensic laboratories, and the court of lawAuthor Scott Christianson reviews the emergence of forensic science in the s and shows how forensic scientists investigate the crime scene today, including analysis of murder weapons, bloodstain patterns, and the position of the body, allowing police to form a picture of what really happened He describes the methods used to collect this evidence and how strict procedures are followed to avoid any dispute in court He also focuses on forensic pathology, detailing how technology allows detectives to pinpoint the time and cause of death and how unknown victims can be identifiedBodies of Evidence follows forensic science to the courtroom, describing how it is called upon in trials Each section of the book features famous case studies in which forensic science was used in a criminal prosecution or defense, such as the trials of O J Simpson and Timothy McVeighBodies of Evidence is a fascinating look into modern detection methods, and explores how clues are gathered and used to bring criminalsto justice

10 thoughts on “Bodies of Evidence: Forensic Science and Crime

  1. Jess Twibey Jess Twibey says:

    Very informative and interesting but it felt like reading a school text book at time and did make me glance over some sections as it became boring and too long

  2. G.M. Burrow G.M. Burrow says:

    This is very much an introduction, not an exhaustive study, which would be fine except it felt like it was still in the editing process If Dr Christianson s research is as rough drafty as his prose, then I ll look elsewhere for stuff forensic.