Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda: Or Sell Your Stove to the Junkman and Feel Great! or Consider Your True Nature kindle pdf –

What a surprise, sometimes I would forget I was reading a book published in 1990 or even before , the author was so up to date with so many themes Probably one of the best books on raw food diet and so manyrelated subjects I have read, written in an intelligent and funny manner A very enjoyable read. This guy is a little crazy, but hey, this is one of the few places where you can find the Tibetan rites without some yokel charging some exorbitant fee for this time honored information. I am 100% behind raw foodism, but this was not the greatest book If you want info on Raw Foodism, you are much better off watching Dan McDonald s Life Regenerator videos on youtube. It s what the title says it is the title says it all interesting perspective on raw foodism, unlike any other s i ve encountered. There are dozens and hundreds of diets and books on diet and diet experts and ideas on diet in circulation today Most people live on an omnivorous diet, that is, anything that is possible to chew up and swallow and live long enough to tell about, they will eatRaw foodists maintain that only uncooked foods are fit to be eaten, that cooked food is the cause of virtually all disease and is always harmful to some extent A cooked food eater will, if he or she adopts a raw food diet, come to feel lighter, energetic, and just happier about being alive