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Which Of These Bizarre Phenomena, If Any, Can Really Exist In Our Universe Black Holes, Down Which Anything Can Fall But From Which Nothing Can Return Wormholes, Short Spacewarps Connecting Regions Of The Cosmos Singularities, Where Space And Time Are So Violently Warped That Time Ceases To Exist And Space Becomes A Kind Of Foam Gravitational Waves, Which Carry Symphonic Accounts Of Collisions Of Black Holes Billions Of Years Ago And Time Machines, For Traveling Backward And Forward In Time Kip Thorne, Along With Fellow Theorists Stephen Hawking And Roger Penrose, A Cadre Of Russians, And Earlier Scientists Such As Oppenheimer, Wheeler And Chandrasekhar, Has Been In The Thick Of The Quest To Secure Answers In This Masterfully Written And Brilliantly Informed Work Of Scientific History And Explanation, Dr Thorne, A Nobel Prize Winning Physicist And The Feynman Professor Of Theoretical Physics Emeritus At Caltech, Leads His Readers Through An Elegant, Always Human, Tapestry Of Interlocking Themes, Coming Finally To A Uniquely Informed Answer To The Great Question What Principles Control Our Universe And Why Do Physicists Think They Know The Things They Think They Know Stephen Hawking S A Brief History Of Time Has Been One Of The Greatest Best Sellers In Publishing History Anyone Who Struggled With That Book Will Find Here A Slowly Paced But Equally Mind Stretching Experience, With The Added Fascination Of A Rich Historical And Human Component Winner Of The Phi Beta Kappa Award In Science

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    Mi marido asisti a Starmus en Canarias el verano del 2016 y escuch al autor en una conferencia Le encant y le encanta el libro por ser entretendio y educativo.

  2. Alejandro Nieto Gonzalez Alejandro Nieto Gonzalez says:

    ste es el mejor libro de divulgaci n cient fica que he le do sobre relatividad Claro y accesible.Muy recomendable El cap tulo final sobre viajes en el tiempo es genial.

  3. William Jordan William Jordan says:

    I read these books because I like to think I m smarter than I really am, and it gives me tidbits of knowledge I use at parties to woo the ladies ofyouknowwhatimean.So, I ve read most of them out there This, by far, is my favorite It boils it down so that a former infantryman like myself can make sense of all the big words without turining it into a coloring book simplification of particle physics.I ve bought it four times already because I keep giving them away to people.I d give it six stars if I could.

  4. John S. Reid John S. Reid says:

    This is a book about exploration in particular, the exploration of stars, how they can form black holes, and what happens at black holes It will perhaps be best appreciated by those who have at least some high school and preferably, undergraduate background in math and physics hence my not for complete dummies review title.The closest book that comes to mind is Voyages of Delusion The Quest for the Northwest Passage Glyn Williams, 2002 Both books describe the efforts of explorers to discover new realms, and thus make for fascinating real life is better than fiction tales of adventure But Black Holes and Time Warps is much it is a book about the physical universe that actually exists, but which we are incapable of experiencing on a personal level It strikes just the right balance of history and science, without becoming just another lame attempt to describe complex physical concepts to laypersons without any background in math or science.This book is also a grand tour of 20th century physics, not unlike a Rick Steves tour of Europe That is, not an exhaustive guide, but rather presented in a way that someone with a bit of scientific background can easily follow the development of the relevant subject matter If one wants an in depth version of the subject of 20th century physics, then I recommend The Road to Reality Roger Penrose, 2004 , but be prepared for quite a bit of math Start with Black Holes and Time Warps if that gets you hooked, then try Penrose This book is exceptionally well written, and the text is accompanied by excellent diagrams which help to explain the subject matter The author makes frequent cross references to other parts of the book to ensure that the reader can follow the narrative and the science in a seamless manner If you are interested in this subject, this is an excellent place to start your journey.I only wish that there were a 25th Anniversary Edition of this book, incorporating some of what has been discovered about black holes and other related topics since this book was first published way back in 1994 As but one example, the discovery in 2015 of gravitational waves by the LIGO detector, in which the author was critically involved see Ch 10 Such an update could easily be accomplished by the addition of a Recent Discoveries chapter, without having to fundamentally alter the underlying primary text other than perhaps an occasional footnote to the effect of, but see Ch 15 for recent developments on this subject.

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  6. Drdigital Drdigital says:

    I picked this book out of my library and said I really need to read this book I know of Kip Thornes name and saw him on a video clip I have started reading this and it is written starting out as if you were assigned to explore these real entities called black holes He tells the story of what you would do as an explorer like a Star Trek show He makes you realize in your imagination what that creature looks like and describes it as if you were listening to him right there with you He even explains in very easy to understand concepts what powers of 10 means Diagrams of freq spectrum drawn out Different sizes of black holes and what that means as far as space time is concerned.This book was published in 1994 and I wish I had started reading it then Kip is 20 years ahead of his time And as a writer, he can talk you through this at a level of understanding of black holes with what we re dealing with I will be back for input as this is a keeper and will read it front to back.