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With , of the core words of the language plus the latest jargon, this is the ultimate reference for language learners, students, business people and travellers alike An extra grammar section helps to extend your knowledge of the language and the blue headwords offer easy navigation It is available in long lasting, environmentally friendly vinyl covers with paper sourced from a sustainable forest Eu gostei Eu comprei por causa de querer ter uma no o deste idioma. The reason that it s smaller than people were expecting is because it s smaller than the description given for the 2007 edition What you are getting now is the 2011 edition at 7.5 x 10.6 x 1.8 cm Same number of pages so the print font will be smaller I would say Still a useful little dictionary that won t wear out your pocket and now uses less trees. The positive feature of this dictionary is its size it definitely does fit in a pocket.The English Norwegian section is OK for general use As an earlier reviewer commented, the Norwegian English section could be far comprehensive if the obvious words were simply dropped As it stands, it s not much use either for tourism or business use.One peeve is that the English Norwegian section shows the pronunciation of English words in IPA, but the Norwegian English section shows the Norwegian words in some form of figured English pronunciation. i am learning Norwegian because i want to go out there one day i am actual norwegian but i never got round to learning it as i was born in England this book is very helpful