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Provides an introduction to the Yoruba language, which is spoken by overmillion people in south western Nigeria, parts of the Benin Republic, and Togo, as well as in the diaspora populations of Brazil, Cuba, and Haiti Thelessons in this book are designed for both classroom use and self study Structure The Colloquial Yoruba book with CDs is overall a better choice, though a bit pricey.Beginner s Yoruba somewhat lacks explanations here and there, and doesn t seem to follow the same steady and well made learning pattern that Colloquial Yoruba uses It s still a decent book and a must if you wish to learn Yoruba I would recommend starting with Colloquial Yoruba, then going over to this one That way you have a basic grasp of the language already, and makes this book useful. Smoller then aspected But very interesting for learning the basics. I have found it to be quite helpful in learning the language, and the 2 CDs assist greatly in learning to properly pronounce words My only quibble was that the songs in the book are not on the CDs, as singing along would be another good way to learn the language and pronounciations I would definitely recommend this book and the Yoruba Dictionary by the same author. A very good book as a reference guide to aid the learning of the language for kids and adults alike. Pros the audio CDs are good and very helpful The grammar is for certain points explained in great detail Two MAJOR cons the tones are terribly marked They are inconsistently and incorrectly applied even on the same page makin it VERY difficult to learn the proper spelling pronunciation While it s possible that since Yoruba is a pluricentric and largely oral language perhaps different pronunciations are acceptable in different circumstances IF that was the case here then it should have been explained.Second the example sentences an the order in of the lessons are both totally inappropriate for a beginner looking to get a grasp of the spoken language While early on bible versus, vocabulary related to baptismal names and example sentences involving putting crowns on monkeys can be found, it s never explicitly taught how to, for example, ask for directions, ask and bargain over a price, or talk about the world in simple terms I would not recommend this book for someone planing to study the language outside of a classroom. I purchased this book to learn Yoruba because my boyfriend speaks the language I found this book easy to use, and easy to follow I am still learning, but this was the best purchase I made to get me headed in the right direction My boyfriend cannot believe how much I have learned in a short amount of time I would recommend this to anyone who needs to learn Yoruba but has no previous knowledge of the language. I have been learning Yoruba for a while now and this book has really helped My only criticsm is that the audio CD should also have the English translation so one can listen to the CD in the car etc and still understand what is being said I would have rated 5 stars if this was the case However, if you sit down with the book and audio, it is great The actors on the CD speak very clearly which helps you remember the words The exercises and dialogues are very useful in testing your progress You learn the tenses, grammar and how to structure sentences Very well structured Yoruba book.