read online eBook BBC Spanish GrammarAuthor Rosa Maria Maria Martin –

This is an Essential book if you are learning a different language, and the book only cost 1p and in excellent condition Great Very well set out and useful. Love it Easy and precise This practical reference guide is ideal whether youre a GCSE student or an adult learning at home or in a class The perfect complement to any Spanish course, its emphasis is on clear and concise explanations of the structure of the language, illustrated with hundreds of current, everyday examples The book includes a glossary, verb tables and a comprehensive index, so its quick and easy to find what you need page book Book arrived in time and was in condition as described Only postage seems a bit expensive, considering it is a slim little book. Excellent coverage of the basic grammar in a pocket sized book I am somewhat Goldilocks like when it comes to foreign language grammar books either they re too basic or too complex, too broad or too detailed But this one feels just right It covers all the essentials of Spanish grammar to help the reader quickly become accomplished in the rudiments of the language, with simple, clear instructions You ll even pick up some of the trickier concepts e.g the subjunctive section, after a couple of reads through.In such a small book there isn t space for practice exercises, but this is a handy reference item you can return back to time and time again. good book and good service thank you