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Compact and easy to use, this handy guide includes travel and language tips plus a two way mini dictionary, so youll never be stuck for the right word It is arranged by topic in clear, colour coded sections, and offers phrases for every eventuality Its simple to read format allows you to build your own sentences and develop your language skills Also featuring a comprehensive menu reader and pronunciation guide, it is the ideal companion to any tripAlso available in this series Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish

10 thoughts on “BBC Russian Phrasebook and Dictionary

  1. Vostok 1 Vostok 1 says:

    Prior to my trip to Russia I had been doing some learning through audio files but I still found this book useful for complete phrases that I wasn t able to construct for myself.The transliterations provide a reasonable approximation to Russian pronunciation and reading from these phrase Russian people seamed to understand me It was also useful to have the Cyrillic version printed so that you can show this to people that can t follow your pronunciation.The guide is well structured and contained most of the phrases I wanted to use The colour coded sections helped in knowing where to look for things.

  2. neighbour neighbour says:

    I wish that I had been in possession of this book when I was tearing my hair out during Russian O level Highly recommended.

  3. A. Kumar A. Kumar says:

    The reason to buy this book was to learn Russian I have been to Russia twice I found that I was on a different planet as far as communication go I intend to visit again But this time I would be able to read their Cyrillic alphabet and communicate in Russian This little book is very simple to follow, has useful tips And yes, the book arrived within a week of ordering.

  4. Eleonora Eleonora says:

    Very colourful and cheerful Easy to follow Dictionary at the back Bought this as a present for my student The book has the most essential phrases, words and grammar you would need.Arrived in one day As a Russian teacher, would recommend to everybody who is learning Russian.

  5. Kyle Alexander Kyle Alexander says:

    Brilliant little guide.Covers all the basics, correct as far as spoken word goes but i wouldn t suggest relying on the dictionary for the actual Cyrillic spellings.It doesn t explain that most adjectives have different spellings usually endings depending on who or what your describing And the book has missed out telling us which letters are vowels.But this book guide is still very good I like the layout and it s a fantastic place to begin.

  6. Andy185 Andy185 says:

    A very useful and compact reference book when on the move in Russian speaking countries Good quick pointers and easy to use with difficult situations in hotels, asking for petrol and buying food etc Would recommend

  7. EdgeSteel EdgeSteel says:

    Bought this to help me learn Russian for my Russian girlfriend However, this seemed geared towards tourists in Russia as opposed to everyday phrases but in Russian.The phonetic guide was also sometimes hard to follow.

  8. Xenu Xenu says:

    Wanted to learn a language after studying Spanish using this same format So far, enjoying the easy to follow interactive style of learning Excellent for learning another language.

  9. 凡能百八屋(旧称:ろけっと八十八屋) 凡能百八屋(旧称:ろけっと八十八屋) says:

    BBC Kindle 400% Nice

  10. Kenneth Lee Kenneth Lee says:

    The good part this book gave me pronunciation symbol beside every phrase of Russian.Bad thing is that it doesn t have MP3 which the other publisher has.Further, it doesn t have icloud capacity which I can read on my home desktop computer.English or Russian dictionary at the back of this book is also a merit.