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Presenting twenty individual grammar points in lively and realistic contexts, Basic Spanish is an accessible reference grammar with related exercises in one, easy to follow volume Beginning with the simpler aspects of Spanish and progressing on to complex areas, each chapter contains grammar points that are followed by examples and exercises selected to reinforce the topic A first class introduction to the language, features of this practical book include authentic reading texts to encourage an understanding of Spain and Spanish speaking countries reference to Latin American usage where appropriate abundant exercises with full answer key glossary of grammatical terms Clearly presented and user friendly, Basic Spanish provides readers with the basic tools to express themselves in a wide variety of situations, making it an ideal reference and practice resource for both beginners and students with some knowledge of the language

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  1. J. Bashford J. Bashford says:

    I have wanted to learn Spanish for some time and realised a few weeks ago that I have approached the task badly I have learnt phrases as complete units and individual words The problem I found with this approach is that when you wish to use the words you know in other sentences it becomes impossible, you need to learn the grammar I chose this book mainly because I know the publisher, they have not let me down, there are exercises to do with explanations of the grammar being learnt The book is well and precisely laid out and easily understood Basic Grammar and the following Intermediate version will be an asset to anybody that wants to put in the work and learn the language This is not a quick fix the book only aims to aid your understanding, the memorising of Articles, verbs, tenses, nouns etc is still down to you Good luck.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Just the ticket for my level of Spanish

  3. Biker Biker says:

    An excellent book

  4. Ib Ib says:

    An absolutely brilliant book kudos to Irene Wilkie and Carmen Arnaiz ve s The explanations are simple and the questions after each section truly do solidify the learning The vocab list after each section is very practical and useful I personally like the black white, dry no photos , clean layout ve sA few times out of hundreds of questions I found myself with an answer I didn t entirely understand I checked some other sources for the explanation of the concept which cleared it up However, as a simpleton the vast majority of the book I understood.

  5. Leanne Leith Leanne Leith says:

    I ve been devouring audio lessons this year but gave up following the many pages of supplemental material because it never provided any additional learning I m a busy person and I learn during my commute to work The main problem with most audio lessons is they don t give enough variations in situations so, even if you can speak and express yourself well because of them, you are still very limited with what you can build and express on your own without a deep understanding of grammar, and few none of the courses continue past advanced beginner so most of the grammar they probably plan to introduce never gets addressed.So I ve searched high and low for something to fill in the blanks that is not going to waste my precious time obtained a native Spanish tutor and been trying out grammar books and workbooks Only THIS BOOK has hit that sweet spot It s perfect for a someone like myself who is not an absolute beginner but has holes to fill It explains grammar with crystal clarity, while giving valuable exercises It has become the basis for our lessons because my tutor and I both love it so much And we use the cultural briefs for speech practice together She also likes how vocabulary for each section is listed right after Less work for her and clarity for me so we can spend our time productively It s a win win A really well written win.I also bought the Intermediate Spanish book as well, and it is so chock full of great stuff I can t wait to devour it too I m confident that after completing them both I will have a very solid foundation.These size of these books are smaller so easy to carry around They are expensive than other workbooks but small, mighty, and worth every penny My hats off to the author who did an outstanding job.btw, this is peninsular based so we just skip any instances of vosotros, and I wouldn t recommend it for an absolute beginneradded, I down graded it a star because in every chapter that I ve worked through thus far there has been at least one answer in the exercises that doesn t make sense to me or my native Spanish instructor so a second edition with corrections would make this otherwise awesome book perfect It s still the smartest, simplest, most concise lesson workbook I ve found thus far, though

  6. Walt Walt says:

    This book is the one to get if you re starting to learn Spanish Unlike other books out there this one has the following attributes introduces new concept at a measured pace, without overwhelming the user the concepts are explained in succinct, clear and not overly verbose way, but yet provide all the essential information the exercises are reinforcing the concepts just introduced in a perfect way, with short sentences that deal specifically with that concept the correct completion of exercises is provided at the end of the book for verification unlike the Practice Makes Perfect books, this one does not confuse you with telling you to identify whether the sentence is right or wrong, instead you are an active participant in building the sentences, so you start to immerse yourself in the language right away exercises usually require insertion of the correct word into short sentences, so that you don t have to deal with deciphering whole stories in your first few days of study, like other books try to make you do the vocabulary is added at the right rate, so that the old words are constantly reinforced, and the number of new words is not overwhelming, and frustrating you almost all new words are defined for you, so you don t have to necessarily look them up every time, although I do anyways, for expanded definitions, and usage examplesI recommend that you translate and learn every single word you encounter, since some words do not work and mean the same as English similar sounding words Also, don t assume that you ll get it out of the context, because you won t.This book can be learned in about a month or two of study, if you devote extra time to it.One advice about how to memorize the new vocabulary is to write all, I mean all the sentences on paper, not just in your head visually Also, to practice new words, I write them down in capital letters several times in a row, until the spelling reinforces itself in my mind That way you engage your visual memorization, which in my case works wonders, allowing me to memorize up to 300 words a week.Good luck.

  7. D. Keller D. Keller says:

    Great reference for my Spanish lesson Perfectly written and easy to follow

  8. Customer Customer says:

    Simple but a good book As a spanish teacher I use it sometimes in my classes Too expensive