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In this age of recession, it is vitally important to teach our children basic money management skills The Bank of Allowance Givers BAG system will help you teach your children strong money management skills, with an emphasis on saving instead of spending Through their own real life experience with their own allowance money, your children will learn the pitfalls of high interest credit, and the importance of not spending money than they have in their BAG account With the BAG system you will Discuss with your child what chores must be done each week to earn an allowanceChoose an allowance day payday and amountNegotiate with your child good and bad interest ratesOn payday, your child will enter the amount of earned allowance into the included registerAfter a while, your child can learn the downside of bad interest by making a credit purchaseAnd much, muchTips are also offered to help you improve your own finances Do you find yourself surprised by high credit card bills With BAG you will learn how to stop spending beyond your means and get your finances under control Working alongside your child, if you so choose, you can model good money management skillsAt the end of this process, your child will understand the importance of saving money, and will ultimately be a goodif not greatmoney manager These skills learned at an early age will serve your children well later on when they go to college or move out on their own They will not blindly incur credit card debt or enter into high interest loans, because they will understand the true costs of accumulated interest In the AugustSmall Press Bookwatch, James A Cox, Editor in Chief of Midwest Book Review states Bank of Allowance Givers is actually a good mirror of nearly all the usual financial transactions that all kids will need to learn to negotiate as they mature Bank of Allowance Givers is an excellent resource for parents, caregivers, and teachers who desire their students children to learn financial systems theory as it applies to them in their everyday life