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Ryuk, would be Rebel King of the Barren has fallen Known to his dragon family as Boy, a slave assassin adopted by Empress and Emperor Raad, he faces death with honour At his execution, he finds himself facing the woman he once called mother, the woman he believes abandoned him For the good of his people, he must overcome his pride to accept her help in overthrowing his tyrannical uncle, a Desert Lord with legions, a ruler of Battle Mages, his to command.Marina is heartbroken over the shattered bond between her and the child she claimed Leaving behind her Dragon Mate and offspring in the Ice Realm, she and the estranged Dragon Lord Daniil join forces to rescue Ryuk from within the heart of the Barren, a black wasteland inhabited by savage creatures and ancient mystics.Lies must be forgiven, trust regained, and as war brings the Dragon Lands most powerful family to its knees, will the ties of love bear the strain when the ashes of the Phoenix fall dormant

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    UPDATE 23 03 2017Direct quote from Ms Fletcher s website I am discontinuing two of my older series to focus on the Alien Warrior saga and finish the last book in the Dragon Souls trilogy I hope you understand a little better and will accept my sincere apology for not sending out an update I ll keep my fingers crossed and hope Bon courage to you Ms Fletcher, I believe in you 3P.S Glad to hear you re alright Whole post here 03 10 2016CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE IS THE AUTHOR WHERE IS THE BOOK ARE THINGS OKAY CAUSE THINGS DON T FEEL OKAY UPDATE 17 03 2014 Coming January 2016 according to her website Yaaaay Give the woman a cookie

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    Any news

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    Really the author told us in her website that this book would be out in January, 2016 when now its March with no news about the release of the book

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    what s going on with the release date it s 6 months later and no ash

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    I need this book

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    Rt where s the book