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Introducing A Breathtakingly Inventive Futuristic Suspense Novel About One Woman Who Rebels Against Everything She Is Told To Believe Emma Wakes In A Hospital, With No Memory Of What Came Before Her Husband, Declan, A Powerful, Seductive Man, Provides Her With New Memories, But Her Dreams Contradict His Stories, Showing Her A Past Life She Can T Believe Possible Memories Of War, Of A Camp Where Girls Are Trained To Be Wives, Of Love For Another Man Something Inside Her Tells Her Not To Speak Of This, But She Does Not Know Why She Only Knows She Is At War With Herself Suppressing Those Dreams During Daylight Hours, Emma Lets Declan Mold Her Into A Happily Married Woman And Begins To Fall In Love With Him But The Day Noah Stands Before Her, The Line Between Her Reality And Dreams Shatters In A Future Where Women Are A Rare Commodity, Emma Fights For Freedom But Is Held Captive By The Love Of Two Men One Her Husband, The Other Her Worst Enemy If Only She Could Remember Which Is Which The First Novel In A Two Part Series, Archetype Heralds The Arrival Of A Truly Memorable Character And The Talented Author Who Created Her. TL DR Three out of five stars The book has a really strong core concept and really good writing, but there are significant issues with characterization, worldbuilding, and theme that detract from the novel Full disclosure I received an ARC of this book from Penguin.I thought this was an interesting book that, while enjoyable, suffers from what I often call first book problems The first half of the book is a bit of a slog, but things improve markedly by the end I think Waters has the potential to be a powerhouse genre author, but in Archetype, she sometimes overreaches herself.This book s biggest strength is in the quality of the writing Waters has a strong, unique, and distinct authorial voice though it took me a bit to get used to her style, I certainly thought it worked in terms of tone and tempo I was also very impressed with the way Waters handled the temporal narrative transitions That is a difficult technique for even seasoned writers, but Waters handles it with aplomb The shifts were smooth, easy to follow, and enhanced the story s flow rather than hampered it I also thought Waters language was lovely and appropriate it set the perfect tone for a sci fi dystopia From the sentence structure to the word choice, Waters deftly uses connotation and denotation to color the narrative Beyond that, I thought the book was tight considering its plot arc The actual sequential pacing works though I think the book opens unnecessarily slowly, but on that later Emma was in an accident that has robbed her of her past While convalescing she is introduced to Declan Burke, her charming and handsome husband whom she does not remember Declan is devoted and attentive but Emma is still having a hard time adjusting post trauma Haunted by disturbing dreams Emma turns to painting easily creating lush seascapes that lull her into a false sense of security When Emma s recovery is deemed acceptable she is sent home to the mountains with Declan The two fall into an easy partnership with one another but something is off Emma s dreams still undo her dreams of the WTC and of a man named Noah She begins to wonder if her dreams are only that or if they could mean the destruction of her entire world This book redefines the phrase trophy wife Archetype poses several frightening views of a possible future were women are bought and sold like merchandise Every mandate about what they do with their bodies is strictly regulated by men As such a woman s body does not belong to her It belongs 2.5 starsFrom the few reviews I m seeing here, I d say I m definitely in the minority Everyone else seems to love this one.Anyway.I didn t enjoy the story, and I had a hard time caring about the main character Possibly because she had no idea who she was for the first 80% of the book Without a strong sense of self, she just seemed like a shell who allowed things to happen to her Which, I think, is what the author was going for It just went on too long for my personal taste If her real personality had emerged sooner, I think I would have been able to get into the story a bit.Then there s the fact that I hated her true love and her husband Not so much at first, but by the end of the book I was hoping there was going to be another option besides either of those guys.Blech.The writing isn t bad at all, but I was really b Initial reaction I ll admit I enjoyed so much of this novel, and I felt for Emma s experiences throughout the novel Sci fi mystery futuristic thriller with quite a few WTF moments.Full review Archetype might be one of my favorite stories of recent memory for the kind of story it portrays There are elements of it that are familiar to stories I ve read, but M.D Waters captures Emma s experiences with a vibrant, vivid, and sensual The story revolves around Emma having no memories in a futuristic environment, where she s established as the wife of a very wealthy, yet secretive husband Declan She s said to have been in an accident that left her in horrible shape, but as Emma starts wading through the fog of her dreams and teasing internal clashes, she realizes there s not only another person whom she holds closer to her heart than Declan, but also there s sinister actions behind the people who are supposed to be her allies and loved ones It takes the novel a bit to reach the point where Emma starts to put the pieces together, but I ll admit the journey watching her get to 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum was not a book I thought I d like I mean, dystopian, romance and amnesia isn t a cocktail I d normally go for But this book ended up being surprisingly enjoyable.We begin with an introduction to Emma, our protagonist who wakes up in a hospital with no memory of who she is A kind and patient caretaker introduces himself to her as Declan Burke, and BOOM also drops the bombshell on her that he is her husband Declan helps with her recovery, filling in blanks, but Emma finds herself having strange, vivid dreams of a traumatic past Sometimes, her subconscious mind also remembers happier times with another man, a man who is not Declan and these dreams fill her with both love and fear.Emma tries to put it all behind her and get her life back on track, assured by Declan s presence and protection, until one day she comes face to face with the other man in her dreams And just like that, the illusion is shattered.The dystopian future of Archetype is believable and well written, with several features that make it sufficiently intriguing yet disturbing Humanity is on the pat 4.5 STARSWhat a fantastic book This is a combo of sci fi and dystopian fiction, but also very much a romance I loved everything about this book It was fast paced, intelligent, thought provoking and considering the topic at hand, easy to follow I found myself trying to figure out everything right along with the heroine, Emma I don t want to get into the plot because this truly is a book worth jumping into The synopsis is than enough going in, so don t read too many reviews and spoil the awesome sauce this book was coated in What I loved was how we slowly get painted a picture of what is going on It was a genius move on the authors part because by the midway point, you can t put his down Actually, within a few pages I was hooked The last third was incredibly tense and had me panicking over all the possible outcomes This does end in a cliffy, but have no fear, the sequel, Pr In a future where women are a rare commodity, Emma fights for freedom but is held captive by the love of two men one her husband, the other her worst enemy If only she could remember which is which GEE, I WONDER.This book was nothing than YA dystopia written for adults And it s only for adults because of the characters ages and a couple of sex scenes.Nearly everything the main character does is based on the word of someone else She has these flashbacks and she can t tell if they re dreams or memories and it s SO FRICKIN OBVIOUS Predictable is too mild a word You don t even have to read this book to k 4.5 stars Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I m yours forever AnonymousArchetype opens with that gorgeous quote and I find it completely fitting for this riveting story My emotions were strung up tight and all over the place throughout this read I read all 384 pages in one sitting because I could not set this book down I started the sequel which is the final book immediately after finishing, because I HAD TO KNOW what happens Emma wakes up with no memories whatsoever, the only thing she knows is that she s Declan s wife He s kind and patient, and Emma has no reason to question him, except her inner voice and dreams Emma has dreams and nightmares showing another life contradictory to what Declan and Dr Travista tell her She dreams of a Noah, a man who scares her she dreams of happy times on the beach in the arms of a man who she desperately loves, a man who is definitely NOT Declan She also dreams of growing up in a Women s Camp and being treated like merchandise or worse.Emma questions what she can trust, and struggles as memories and dreams keep coming Still, everything Declan does seem to show he loves and cares for her and Emma tries to shove everything aside and let the attraction she feels take over, settle into her life and move on When Emma meets a living, breathing Noah, she knows that she hasn t conjured up I read this because a friend reviewed it and I was intrigued by some plot elements she mentioned And if you re a hater troll who enjoys harassing reviewers, please bear in mind that my friend thought this book was just okay and I wanted to read it anyway And then I ended up really enjoying it So piss off.If you re a hater, I mean If you re not, do please stay Here Have a cup of tea Darjeeling or English Breakfast I d offer you some chocolate, but I m hiding it I MEAN, we re all out Completely Sorry.Anyway This book.It grabbed me and pulled me through and kept me up too late until I emerged, blinking in the sunlight.I realize there are weak spots in the plot The world building is weak, although that can perhaps be forgiven in a story narrated by an amnesia victim I liked the frequent flashback visions, but I can understand why my friend found them annoying And there s at least one scene in which the main character is face to face with the man who can answer all her questions and she doesn t ask him anything I ve been running into this a lot lately, and it makes me want to smack someone Stop being lazy, authors And don t think readers don t notice this sort of thing Unless your name is Jane Austen, you re not allowed to write a book that would be over in two pages if the main characters had one blunt, straightforward conversation And if those characters do find themselves alone together and it would be inconvenient for