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One of Silicon Valley s most successful angel investors shares his rules for investing in start ups There are two ways to make money in start ups create something valuable or invest in the people that are creating valuable things Over the pastyears, Jason Calacanis has made a fortune investing in creators, spotting and helping build and fund a number of successful technology start ups investments that have earned him tens of millions of dollars Now, in this enlightening guide that is sure to become the bible for st century investors, Calacanis takes potential angels step by step through his proven method of creating massive wealth start ups As Calacanis makes clear, you can get rich even if you came from humble beginnings his dad was a bartender, his mom a nurse , didn t go to the right schools, and weren t a top student The trick is learning how angel investors think Calacanis takes you inside the minds of these successful moneymen, helping you understand how they prioritize and make the decisions that have resulted in phenomenal profits He guides you step by step through the process, revealing how leading investors evaluate new ventures, calculating the risks and rewards, and explains how the best start ups leverage relationships with angel investors for the best results Whether you re an aspiring investor or a budding entrepreneur, Angel will inspire and educate you on all the ins of outs Buckle up for a wild ride into the world of angel investing This audiobook edition of Angel includes exclusive bonus one on one interviews with Jason Calacanis and professional angel investors Featured are Founders Fund partner Cyan Banister, multiple start up investor Gil Penchina, founding partner at XG Ventures Andrea Zurek, and serial entrepreneur and start up mentor Ed Roman

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  1. Barrie H. Barrie H. says:

    It s finally here the book from the man who is THE LEGEND in angel investing Calacanis is best known in the USA for being one of the first handful of backers of Uber and a deliberately punchy CNBC commentator For those of us who ve followed and been inspired by his internet TV show This Week in Startups he is much than that He s the man who has encouraged and educated and funded with his own money a generation of tech entrepreneurs He s done so with humour and intelligence, and with a free annual conference in San Francisco which he built to give back to the universe Now Calacanis distils all that knowledge with the aim of creating a new generation of angel investors who with smarts and money large or small can back those innovative technology firms which are changing the world I know what he teaches works I started following his advice a few years ago, and with 35 investments in its going well But whether you choose to invest or not, his book offers a wonderful insight into business now and in the future PS If you re British like me, don t be put off by the slightly bragging title he s a really normal self deprecating family man.

  2. Marcus Aurelius Marcus Aurelius says:

    I ve slowly been a fan of Jason Calacanis who produces the brilliant This Week in Startups.He has changed my life with the legendary interview with Chris Sacca who inspired and spurred me to pay off all my household debt no mortgage and my student loan debt no debt here either This led to me having money to enjoy my time freedom and pursue my own interests and have a better quality of life My parents are pretty happy they are also owners of their home and the bank can never call them again.This book is the second way he may have changed my life, Angel is a hands on practical book for doers not dreamers It lays out clearly in Jason s style how to become an angel whether you have a net worth in the millions or one closer to the gutter This is all practical and do able advice but the challenge for any reader is whether they will roll up their sleeves and do the work.In the past week since I ve read the book i ve met 10 startups promising ideas with revenue and profit , no venture money but some small angel money and a requirement for me to help them with their marketing Some are paying me in cold cash, some are giving me equity 0.10% for advising and in exchange I do some work for them Actual work.Maybe I ll make 0.00 or maybe I ll make 10k or 100k or maybe even 1ml The point is I m going to do the hard work and see where it lands because the book lays everything out clearly but for folks willing to do some actual work.10 10 work, recommended

  3. Srdjan Kovacevic Srdjan Kovacevic says:

    Although not a masterpiece, this book is an earnest account of angel investing by one of the most successful angel investors today.The primary value of this book is author s experience, some of which finds its way to the reader in the form of his lessons learned Further value is an insight in Calacanis methodology of investing, which is quite relevant and valuable, given his track record.Calacanis attempts to define a how to for aspiring angels, which I find a bit of a mixed success This is the central theme of the book, and its nominal mission, but author s ego got in a way of this being a timeless masterpiece This way it s kinda stuck between a biography, and a technical book on angel investing And not in a good way The overall impression is a bit of an amateurish attempt at writing the ultimate book of angel investing, which this book could have been, given the author s experience.The four star rating is a bit generous for this book, but it s fair than a three.If you want to get in on the tech investment game, or you re a startup founder, well worth a read.

  4. CarloB London CarloB London says:

    I stumbled into J Calacanis weekly podcast A week in Startups completely by chance two years ago, while looking for some content on Spotify.As I commute to work in London every day by bicycle it gives me the right amount of time to enjoy the great content I live in London but at the same time when I listen to J Calacanis podcasts it feels as if I were in San Francisco in the cradle of technology startups It is just so interesting interviews, live debates, news review he invites founders, investors, academics and other journalists A big bang moment.I recommend this book as it probably summarise the views of the author in less than 8 hours of reading or even better listening as for the first time and right with this book I opened up to the concept of audiobooks and now have realised that it is for me the only way to read the same amount of books per year that I used to read long time ago I mean pre family, pre daily newspaper delivered on my kindle and pre social media and smart devices.Be aware, highly addictive.

  5. Global Traveller Global Traveller says:

    I have been following Jason through his blog and his podcasts for a very long time and I also had the opportunity to hear him speak at the Collision conference a couple of years back A really good friend of mine has also secured an early stage investment from him, so I have been curious about this book for some time Recently I started playing with the idea of joining a local angel syndicate and I finally decided to buy the book to better understand Jason s perspective on angel investments While I may not agree with everything that Jason postulates, it is a deep knowledge base that brings together his significant experience and background in the field I am still processing the specifics of the different strategies and positions he shares in the book, but I can already state that this book was an incredible source of wisdom, knowledge and food for thought for me personally.

  6. Alex Traval Alex Traval says:

    I ve found the startup life to be very interesting, and always wanted to learn about how startups managed to get hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, of funding.Unfortunately I found that book will not help much about that, BUT it gives incredible insight on the other side of the coin the investor s journey in finding and selecting startups Jason s enthusiasm and experience really shine through his writing, and offered many insights He is clearly very passionate about his career, and offers genuine advice for those wanting to get into investing.

  7. Dylan Gallagher Dylan Gallagher says:

    I am a long time fan of Jason and was very interested in reading this book however I found it tough to read I can usually read a book like this in a day, maybe two, but this one took almost a week Maybe it was the format or the short sound bite chapters but it didn t have a great flow to it and I found myself putting it down every third chapter Lots of good nuggets if you can make it through but make sure you are an accredited investor as this book seems to be geared towards the already wealthy crowd.

  8. Saurabh Saurabh says:

    Exhilarating Entertaining Immaculately Insightful Angel is intensely engaging and effortlessly written as it flows from someone who has walked the path seen it all.The angel revolution begins with this masterpiece from greatest angel investor of all time This is gold for startup founders eagerly seeking insider information of angel investing For to be and current angel investors this is your Investor MBA.With Angel, Jason is poised to stimulate the maximum impact on the society at large The revolution has begun

  9. Ladislav Stejskal Ladislav Stejskal says:

    As a member of Jason s syndicate I was looking forward to read this book I got to know Jason as a sophisticated successful Angel with a heart that wants to do good and is very loyal to the founders The book did not disappoint It is a classical Jason, passionate, practical, honest, funny and most of all no BS Enjoyed reading it Read the book too and better yet, join Jason s syndicate while he is still actively investing You won t regret and will learn a ton.

  10. George Kirikos George Kirikos says:

    This is an excellent introduction to angel investment from a successful angel I loved the conversational writing style, which made the content very accessible Regardless of the style, this is a serious book for serious investors, and one should read the material thoroughly I plan to read it at least one time before investing my money It gives prospective angel investors practical knowledge and insights that will improve their chances, and hopefully limit the number of mistakes they make should they decide to enter that highly competitive arena.

  11. Vedran Rasic Vedran Rasic says:

    The two key insights on why I personally think that this book deserves 5 1 Honesty and Convenience No one speaks so openly, on the record about Silicon Valley, as Jason Just go ahead and listen to any episode of the podcast This Week in Startups The same is true for the book If you don t have a safe cushion to fall on, it s worth knowing the truth and pivot from there.2 Utility Whether you know the process or you are a noob, this book will guide you through the steps of becoming an angel investor Also, if you are trying to raise capital from an angel investor syndicate, just flip it around You ll get valuable insights.What a ride Thank you, Jason.

  12. Rayn Ong Rayn Ong says:

    I invested close to 2 million and learned some of the stuff in this book For 20 now, everyone has access to Jason s well articulated framework I learned a better way to approach and process startup opportunities This book has addressed my blind spots No doubt this will also help spawn the next generation of sophisticated and value add angels Unlimited karma points to you, Jason.

  13. Ali Inay Ali Inay says:

    Devoured the book in 3 days Will have to read it again in a couple months Explains all the ins and outs of Angel investing But, over, it is very inspiring and pushes you to act on all your projects and contact the people you know to get things done.

  14. Tabb Tabb says:

    The first time I saw Jason interviewing someone I thought he was annoying but over time I learned that s just the way he is Anyways, great book Jason s writing style is enjoyable too Straight to the point with no BS.

  15. Leonardo Terreni Leonardo Terreni says:

    Un grandioso approccio all argomento, molto molto pratico Cerca di farti entrare veramente nel mondo dello sviluppo tecnologico di alto livello, ti spiega la strada, le difficolt e le soddisfazioni L aspetto pi bello che rivolto a chiunque, non una storia.