[[ epub pdf ]] An Intuitive Approach to Quantum Field Theory (English Edition)Author Toni Sementana – Z55z.co

The Development Of Quantum Field Theory Is Surely One Of The Most Important Achievements In Modern Physics Presently, All Observational Evidence Points To The Fact ThatQuantum Field Theory QFT Provides A Good Description Of All Known Elementary Particles, As Well As For Particle Physics Beyond The Standard Model For Energies Ranging Up Tothe Planck Scale GeV, Where Quantum Gravity Is Expected To Set In And Presumablyrequires A New And Different Description Historically, Quantum Electrodynamics QED Emerged As The Prototype Of Modern QFTs It Was Developed In The Late S And Earlys Chiefly By Feynman, Schwinger And Tomonaga, And Is Perhaps The Most Successfultheory In Physics The Anomalous Magnetic Dipole Moment Of The Electron Predicted ByQED Agrees With Experiment With A Stunning Accuracy Of One Part In The Scope Of This Book Is To Provide An Intuitive Approach To The Main Formalism Of QuantumField Theory, Namely Path Integral Formulation Upon Which Many Fundamental And Often Misunderstood Results Are Based This Program Is Best Explained By Starting The Discussion With The Quantum Theoryof Scalar Fields