[ Pdf ] An Introduction to Classical TibetanAuthor Stephen Hodge – Z55z.co

Classical Tibetan, with origins dating to the ninth century, is the script found in a huge corpus of surviving Tibetan texts, mostly of Buddhist content native Tibetans still employ this language, to this day when writing on religious, medical or historical subjects The aim of this book is to provide a rapid introduction to the main elements of Classical Tibetan, so that students may begin to access for themselves the vast amount of written material available in this language While designed for guided study, the material will also be of use to those who tackle the language on their own Regular study over approximately six months should result in an understanding of most grammatical features and allow the student to read the simpler prose texts A beautiful book Well bound, attractive cover, both the English and theTibetan are very clear and precise It s easy on the eyes and the presentation is one I know I will learn from I very much reccomment this. This is a very nicely bound book with very high quality paper The presentation of the material is organized and clear, BUTExcept for the intro, there are barely any Tibetan characters used in the book Everything is presented in transliteration and only at the end you have reading exercises in actual Tibetan.To whom is this book addressed I guess academics who want to read academic works about Tibetan.A much useful book would be Translating Buddhism from Tibetan to which I gave three stars for other reasons which however has the correct mindset and love towards the language and if you approach it correctly you will learn a lot. An Introduction to Classical Tibetan has done the near impossible for me It has made me enjoy relearning sentence structure For anyone who wishes to learn to translate texts directly from the Tibetan, and who wasn t exactly an English major in school, this book is a great way to go Each section is very clear, giving plenty of examples to draw from and the exercises at the end of each lesson give new skills a nice workout and add quickly to vocabulary The small size makes it very handy to have as a quick reference My only problem now is putting the book down long enough to get my other, non translating work done. Well worth it Just the kind of book for a beginner to start on. Really a good introduction to the Classical Tibetan language I think it s probably the best He presents the material in a very logical manner. Nice book This book seems to be a copy, with few modifications, of M Hahn s manual of Tibetan, originally in German, but translated into English.