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The Illustrated Edition Of Stephen Hawking S Classic Work This Edition Includes An Appendix With Updates Made By Professor Hawking In In This Edition, Professor Hawking Explains His Complex Theories Through A Fresh Visual Dimension Over One Hundred And Fifty Stunning Colour Illustrations Have Been Specially Commissioned For This Purpose To Help The Reader Understand What Have Become Popular Mythic Images Of Our Century, But Which Nonetheless Remain Difficult, Abstract Ideas To Grasp

6 thoughts on “An Illustrated Brief History Of Time

  1. Natalia Natalia says:

    A perfect option for a gift The narration is extremely easy to follow, the illustrations help a lot to understand the physical concepts described A slightly bit outdated, yes, but on everything in physics up to 20th century is extremely accurate.Una opci n perfecta para un regalo La narraci n es muy f cil de seguir, las ilustraciones ayudan mucho a entender los conceptos f sicos descritos Un poco poco anticuado, s , pero sobre todo en la f sica hasta siglo 20 es extremadamente precisa.

  2. djlistener djlistener says:

    Frankly I m unqualified to rate this Thus, it gets a 5 star to avoid doing it a disservice While considering myself fairly intelligent, it s evident I m not in this league Having read and understood all of the words in this book, I just do not have a firm grasp on much of what Mr Hawking presents The concepts, proofs and theries are beyond my ability to comprehend He makes a great attempt to reach the non scientist reader A really good job a terrific effort But this reader wasn t up to the task.

  3. Andre Andre says:

    I have looked into a lot of astrophysics and cosmology as a hobby, so I had an easier time understanding and keeping up with this book than others might Nonetheless, it s an excellent book to lay out the fundamentals of the universe and space Not the easiest read, and it can be dry at times, but you shouldn t plan on finishing this book in a weekend anyways There s a lot of knowledge to digest and it s best to take it a chapter at a time The illustrations are nice but I have to warn you that since it is illustrated, the pages are like high gloss textbook pages so they reflect light off them easily and it can make it annoying when reading I bought a book light to correct this and it works fine.

  4. Percy Dovetonsils Percy Dovetonsils says:

    As a University chemistry student in the late 1960 s, and a lifelong lay follower of such apparently unrelated topics as black holes, particle physics and Pastafarianism, I found this edition of the Illustrated Brief History of Time to be an excellent review of the subject from the time of the Greek philosophers to modern times Hawkings traces thought of the nature of the World through the eyes of ancient contributors to the scientific revolution to the study of atomic physics of the last century or two to modern times One can be a novice and come away with a firm grasp of the subject One can be partially trained to a certain level, breeze through those parts, and jump in where his knowledge is at it s limit You will not find complicated differential equations to struggle with, but you will find down to earth explanations to easily understand As to Pastafarianism, well pasta is made of carbohydrate, C, H and O Hawkings will explain where these basic elements came from and where they are going.

  5. Professor Crytpobits Professor Crytpobits says:

    Very excited to add this version to the library Having all first editions is cool but continuing to honor one of the greats by spreading love of physics with this illustrated is the ultimate.

  6. ted dastych ted dastych says:

    Good explanation was graphics from Mr Hawkins I tried to read his previous work without the graphic representations and found it readable but very complicated The graphics make this a much easier read.