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Dictionaries can be something of a personal matter people become very attached to their favorite In the above context Endale Zenawi s dictionary is archetypal this is a much used and loved dictionary The first edition had been out of print sinceSimon Wallenberg s Secondedition of this invaluable reference book is bound to be welcome The editors of Simon Wallenberg have included a brand new introduction to the Amharic language and a history of the Ethiopian People Cultural notes have been added along with useful information on contemporary Ethiopia A section on the Rastafarian religion has been added The new edition has been expanded with overpages of definitions making this dictionary the most comprehensive on the Amharic language True to form, the Simon Wallenberg s editors have carried forward Endale Zenawi s work and have lived up to their tradition of creating some of the most widely used and respected dictionaries and reference books in the world Definitions continue to be organized around the core meanings that is, the one that represents the most literal use that the word has in ordinary modern Amharic usage The dictionary is ideal for person looking for a quick answer while on a business trip as well for journalists and writers for whom it makes the perfect desktop companion Portable, compact, and affordable, this Amharic Dictionary is ideal for school, the office, and lower university level The dictionary has been revised and updated to cover all the latest vocabulary Words are tools for life and the Wallenberg dictionaries make them work for you Acclaimed by Amharic Academics, Wallenberg Dictionaries has led the way in bilingual lexicography for many years They have proved to be reliable dictionaries and have been complied for a large number of languages This is a brilliant dictionary Endale Zenawi whose work established Ethiopian linguistics as an essentialpart of Semitic studies was a great friend and collaborator of Wolf Leslau and both these individuals went on to write the best two dictionaries on Amharic.They were models of dedicated scholarship and academic productivity.This dictionary by Endale Zenawi s dictionary is the original Amharic English, English Amharic Dictionary there is another dictionary printed on bad quality paper by A Zekaria which is based on this one and printed in India.In the 1980s there were a large number of Indian teachers in Ethiopia and Endale Zenawi s dictionary was taken to India and reprinted there in order to teach new teachers Amharic If you have the Indian version by A Zekaria then do not buy this one as they have much in common.However if you do not have a dictionary If you wish to buy the best Amharic dictionaries then buy this one and also the one by Wolf Leslau. Arrived very promptly supplier good and the dictionary appears to be comprehensive and set out in a standard format However the quality of print is quite poor as is the paper I bought it for someone who has English as an additional language to use in school and they appear to find it helpful. This is the first time I see a book edited so poorly the caracters are barely readableThe editor should be ashamed The print quality is what kills this one for me Looks like a bad photocopy This is not so problematic for the latin script, but the amharic ge ez script is rendered in a font so small that, given the poor print quality, figuring out which characters are being used is unnecessarily difficult That s the last thing you want in a dictionary.Two other problems first, there is no index of the fidel in this dictionary This is a problem if you want to look something up on the Amharic to English side but haven t memorized the order of the character classes Finally, the etymological annotation on the English to Amharic side is minimal A little etymology info would make it easier to figure out the roots of the Amharic terms which is key to learning this language, in my opinion.Taken together, these are fairly major drawbacks A MUCH better choice all around is Wolf Leslau s Concise Amharic Dictionary. Vous remarquerez le nom de l auteur ne pas centr , l int rieur du livre les caract res amhariques sont illisibles L ouvrage est imprim flux tendu, il me semble que cela soit l imprimerie en UK. This dictionary appears to be intended for those who read the Amharic alphabet There is no English phonetic pronunciation Also, the type, at least in my copy, is not as crisp as most books On some pages it looks like a very bad photocopy rather than an original It does have numerous words and is very helpful. I highly recommend this book to students who are learning the Amharic language The reason why I did not give it a 5 star is because of the ink on some pages are smeared I personally think that the Concise Amharic English dictionary from Wolf Leslau is a better choice but both are very good This book is a must need for students. The dictionary is helping a young girl from Ethiopia learn English and settle into her new home in Ireland. Very useful for my Ethiopian student She uses it in ESL class.When will you put out a similar dictionary in Somali