download Best Afrikaans-English/English-Afrikaans Practical Dictionary (Hippocrene Practical Dictionary)Author Jan Kromhout –

I am fluent in Afrikaans but after nearly 20 years living outside of South Africa, I am beginning to loose my edge with the language This dictionary is just what I need at my side when I read Afrikaans publications. Such a handy tome Every thing you can think of is in it From apples to whores and them some.Fantastic book that is on the shelf of my desk for easy grabbing.Highly recommended for any one using or learning the language. Revised and expanded edition Over , entries Thoroughly updated Complete definitions New Words and expressions Comprehensive list of abbreviations and acronyms Afrikaans is a language of South Africa This is a very good basic dictionary Also reccomended is COMPLETE AFRIKAANS by Lydia McDermott. Impressive My only complaint about this item is that it isn t big enoughI wish it was double the size and maybe had a short grammar guide for Afrikaans but other than that it is a great dictionary at a good cost. the book is great for beginners often helps clear up any confusion that online translators can cause It is a great book This is the best paperback dictionary for Africaans that I have seen It s a very handy reference. This Practical dictionary does exactly what it says on the cover It provides useful basic vocabulary Afrikaans English and English Afrikaans It would be very useful to a visitor to South Africa who has little knowledge of Afrikaans It contains a useful section on Acronyms However, unlike Oxford or Collins Pocket dictionaries, the Hippocrene dictionary will not easily fit into the pocket its almost A5 size Further, and as one should expect of a dictionary with 372 pages of relatively large type, the treatment is practical Learners of Afrikaans who have materials with an an Afrikaans English wordlist are unlikely to find this dictionary a worthwhile investement For those with a basic knowledge of Dutch or Afrikaans who are looking for a dictionary to assist reading, this is not a reference dictionary often than not this dictionary will lack the words looked for A good practical dictionary No , no less. Dictionnaire pour public surtout anglophone, toutes les m thodes de langue Afrikaans se trouvent surtout dans le domaine du monde de langue anglais cause d une forte immigration afrikaner dans ces pays l L Afrikaans se conjugue souvent avec l anglais Melle Brigitte Barrus