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A secret life of mysterious scripts left on the wall of an ancient maze A volcanic island which erupted poisonous gases and is full of mysterious knowledgeWallanders: They left in Labyrinth They play chess standing up side down One of them looks for super powers They are able to cross corners Pyramid temple took one of them They faced power of magic substanceA Happy End

10 thoughts on “Adventures of Wallanders

  1. Nathan Rabben Nathan Rabben says:

    I just like the story and art despite I am older then 10 y. old. This picture book (really) is some kind of text book for beginner magicians.

  2. Sarah Meir Sarah Meir says:

    I am in love with the story, I am in love with the art with no think anything.

  3. Ashley Lambert-Maberly Ashley Lambert-Maberly says:

    Goodreads seemed to think this would appeal to those who liked Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog so i checked it out.

    Is this a practical joke?

    The author does not have a firm grip on the English language. I was perplexed by the description on Goodreads and Amazon, but it's fully in keeping with the prose stylings of Mr. Letner.

    On early pages we learn Long, long ago (many thousand years left since then), in there, by people of now forgotten civilization, was build something significant. I mean, it's marvelous that Google Translate is now attempting to write books under the pseudonym Alex Letner (I'm assuming), but it needs more practice.

    It's not just grammar and style, either: misspellings abound. Then where it should be than, build where it should be built, habitants rather than inhabitants, Santoriny and Santorinis rather than Santorini, and so on.

    It's unreadable. Some have responded to the illustrations, but this is literally a case of your 7-year old can do just as well. Perhaps it's a performance art piece, or a put-up by former writers of Spy Magazine, or a fun elementary school project, or aliens attempting to infiltrate the self-publishing market. I'm sticking to my Google translate getting-a-hobby theory.

    (Note: 5 stars = amazing, wonderful, 4 = very good book, 3 = decent read, 2 = disappointing, 1 = awful, just awful. I'm fairly good at picking for myself so end up with a lot of 4s). I feel a lot of readers automatically render any book they enjoy 5, but I grade on a curve!

  4. Arnold Lacosta Arnold Lacosta says:

    Real name of Alex Letner is Lexagensah and he is last vizard from Sanitoris island.

  5. Nab Fransis Nab Fransis says:

    Adventures of Wallanders by Alex Letner.
    All of this is ridicules: ancient scripts that became alive! Prism Temple! Playing chess up side down! Is it good cheating children?
    There is no such thing as Pythagoras Pants! What author thinks – every one is stupid?
    There are no volcanoes in Mediterranean Sea.
    My answer: too much fantasy is no good. It could be harmful to unprotected souls.
    I still rate one star, just appreciating bright pictures. But maybe even one star is too much?

  6. Victor Dominick Victor Dominick says:

    The Adventures of Wallanders is a great read! I really enjoyed it. I found the daily adventures of Wallanders to be very interesting. The end of the story was great! As Kvadros stepped inside The Great Pyramid Temple, I was held in suspense. Kvadros is some kind of The Special! I can hardly wait for the sequel Kvadros in The Great Pyramid Temple. Will we learn then about the the most important secrets of The Geometry? Congratulations on a wonderful book!

  7. George Volkos George Volkos says:

    This sort of books should be done in hard cower.

  8. Paloma Paloma says:

    I just read The Something. Geometry by itself is an ugly thing. But I changed my mind looking at pretty creatures: Tronos, Borris, Dashah and all of them. My 6 years old loves them too.

  9. Peter Correa Peter Correa says:

    I like geometry as well and I was happy to read this funny book. Science and humor are compatible!

  10. Diego Salazar Diego Salazar says:

    Not bad, not bad at all, even more -wery good! Marble stones with graphite particles between crystals! Wow!