Adult Orgasm Escapes From The Zoo books –

This collection includes nine monologues concerned with sexual and domestic issues and female oppression A WOMAN ALONE, MAMMA FRICCHETONA THE FREAK MOMMY , WAKING UP, WE ALL HAVE THE SAME STORY, DIALOGUE FOR A SINGLE VOICE, MEDEA PROLOGUE, MEDEA, MONOLOGUE OF A WHORE IN A LUNATIC ASYLUM, and IT HAPPENS TOMORROW Dario Fo and Franca Rame are Italy s best known performers, playwrights, and political activists Award winning actress and director Estelle Parsons toured this version of ORGAMSO ADULTO ESCAPES FROM THE ZOO, concluding with a triumphant run at Joseph Papp s Public Theater in New York A WOMAN ALONE Maria, a housewife, has been locked up at home by her jealous husband Come to think of it, all the men in her life have been oppressing her Good thing she has a gun MAMMA FRICCHETONA THE FREAK MOMMY A mother becomes a gypsy in order to pursue her son who has joined a commune WAKING UP A working class woman prepares for work while taking care of her baby Meanwhile, her husband sleeps WE ALL HAVE THE SAME STORY A woman s double is a doll who says four letter words to attract men DIALOGUE FOR A SINGLE VOICE A young woman invites her boyfriend up to her room If her father wakes up, he ll cut off the young man s balls with an ax MEDEA PROLOGUE An introduction to the monologue MEDEA MEDEA A rebellious woman reacts to betrayal by resorting to infanticide MONOLOGUE OF A WHORE IN A LUNATIC ASYLUM A prostitute tells her life story to a psychiatrist IT HAPPENS TOMORROW A woman relates her story of torture as a political prisoner