[ Download pdf ] A Student's Guide to General Relativity (Student's Guides)Author Norman Gray – Z55z.co

This Compact Guide Presents The Key Features Of General Relativity, To Support And Supplement The Presentation In Mainstream, Comprehensive Undergraduate Textbooks, Or As A Re Cap Of Essentials For Graduate Students Pursuing Advanced Studies It Helps Students Plot A Careful Path To Understanding The Core Ideas And Basics Of Differential Geometry, As Applied To General Relativity, Without Overwhelming Them While The Guide Doesn T Shy Away From Necessary Technicalities, It Emphasises The Essential Simplicity Of The Main Physical Arguments Presuming A Familiarity With Special Relativity With A Brief Account In An Appendix , It Describes How General Covariance And The Equivalence Principle Motivate Einstein S Theory Of Gravitation It Then Introduces Differential Geometry And The Covariant Derivative As The Mathematical Technology Which Allows Us To Understand Einstein S Equations Of General Relativity The Book Is Supported By Numerous Worked Exampled And Problems, And Important Applications Of General Relativity Are Described In An Appendix