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The Russell Cosmogony With Its New Concepts Of Light, Matter, Energy, Electricity And Magnetism Is A Simple Yet Complete, Consistent And Workable Cosmogony Which Will Enable Future Scientists To Visualize The Universe As A Unified Whole, And Will Open The Door To The New Age Of Transmutation Walter Russell, An Open Letter To The World Of Science Contents A New Concept Of The Universe The Undivided Light The Divided Light This Electric Universe Of Simulated Idea Coulomb Law The Electric Universe Of Simulated Energy The Duality Of Electric Effect Thought Wave Universe Polarity Periodicity Magnetic Lines Of Force Law Of Conservation Of Energy Thermodynamic Misconception Inadequacy Of Newtons Three Laws Fallacy Of Newtons Mathematics Two Unknown Facts Of Nature Inadequacy Of Keplers First Law The Quantum Theory Singly Charged Particles Science Must Revolutionize Concept Of Matter The New Concept Of Matter Mystery Of Magnetic Poles Illusion Of Three Dimensions The Earth Is Not A Magnet Cathodes And Anodes No Separate Particles Curvature Is Also Polarized Conditions Of Matter Vibrating Matter Growth Octave Wave Cycle Gyroscope Wheel Expanding Systems Oblating Spheres Unbalanced Systems Wobble Gravitation Nine Octave Periodic Table Of The Elements Industrys Creating Processes Secret Of Mans Power New Power For Science Age Of Transmutation What Of Tomorrow

5 thoughts on “A New Concept of the Universe (English Edition)

  1. Paul Fitzsimons Paul Fitzsimons says:

    The problem here to be solved is one of physics The author uses vague diagrams and figures that have no bearing on reality as per modern physics But I would give him an A for effort because I don t know for sure whether we create our own reality or reality creates us Russel is taking us down his own rabbit hole in spite of what the real physicists have laid out It is interesting to bring male and female essences into this domain Problem is, he is a man, and half of his reality belongs to women Likewise, half of a woman s reality belongs to men Why are there no trailblazer women in the sciences Oh I know that women s intuition trumps men s tendency to mansplain Not to be so binary, but there is much room for gray areas, I ll admit.

  2. Warren Warren says:

    Truly a new concept of the universe.Page 3 The cardinal error of science lies in shutting the Creator out of his Creation.Page 6 Failure to recognize that this universal body of moving matter has been created by some power outside of itself has led science to conclude that the energy which created matter is within itself.Page 16 Matter is the electric record of Thought Waves of the Creators ImaginingsPage 17 This a thought wave universeThe rest of this book changes your brain map.

  3. Jane C Jane C says:

    Dr Russell s science modifies the Mendeleev periodic table into elements by light wave pressures governed by spiral motion The Bohr s atomic model is thrown out and replaced by spirals galaxies, water running down the sink, hurricanes, and tornadoes all have spiral motion Dr Russell was so brilliant it was difficult for him to put his understanding in words for the non scientist Some paragraphs in this book are so dense with information that it takes several reads to get his meaning Scientists need this science now.

  4. Paul Chek Paul Chek says:

    Walter Russell was a true genius who made great progress in many areas, including science, art, real estate he invented the concept of the condominium for example , and metaphysics.Though his concepts can be hard to grasp initially, each time you study his teachings, you are likely to become and clear within Walter Russell addresses many hard questions in his teachings, such as What is Nature and What is GOD He is very much a contemplative Christian, yet is also a powerful example of how far Christianity has wondered from the core teachings of Jesus and Christianity at large.Walter Russell s teachings are very likely to help people develop a much grounded, loving relationship with GOD, and each other I have studied his teachings for years, and it would take me a lifetime to fully explore and embody his teachings He was a very wise, honest, loving, and highly intelligent man, who expresses his enlightenment as his love and concern for Earth and humanity at large.Love and chi,Paul Chek, Holistic Health PractitionerFounder, C.H.E.K InstituteFounder, PPS Success Mastery Program

  5. Jason Gregory (Author of Effortless Living, Fasting the Mind, Enlightenment Now, & The Science and Practice of Humility) Jason Gregory (Author of Effortless Living, Fasting the Mind, Enlightenment Now, & The Science and Practice of Humility) says:

    Walter Russell explores science in the way that a mystic would explore spirituality His understanding of matter in relation to vibration and rhythm are comparable to the seven laws expounded by Hermes Trismegistus back in ancient Egypt A New Concept of the Universe is a book that can be intellectually challenging for those who are unfamiliar with metaphysics and new science But in saying this, it is an essential read to step outside of conventional science to look at the universe a new way and see if there is any truth to what Russell internalized.