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Un buen repaso a temas importantes Merece la pena Es claro lo que no es facil en este territorio Y tiene ritmo A disfrutar. Teach Yourself The Mathematics Of Relativity THE BESTSELLERTo Really Understand Einstein S Theory Of Relativity One Of The Cornerstones Of Modern Physics You Have To Get To Grips With The Underlying Mathematics A Most Incomprehensible Thing Is Aimed At The General Reader Who Is Motivated To Tackle That Not Insignificant Challenge With A User Friendly Style, Clear Step By Step Mathematical Derivations, Many Fully Solved Problems And Numerous Diagrams, This Self Study Guide Provides An Accessible Introduction To A Fascinating But Complex SubjectFor Those With Minimal Mathematical Background, The First Chapter Gives A Crash Course In Foundation Mathematics The Reader Is Then Taken Gently By The Hand And Guided Through A Wide Range Of Fundamental Topics, Including Newtonian Mechanics The Lorentz Transformations The All Important Metric Tensor Gtensor Calculus The Einstein Field Equations The Schwarzschild Solution Which Gives A Good Approximation Of The Spacetime Of Our Solar System Black Holes, Relativistic Cosmology And Gravitational WavesSpecial Relativity Helps Explain A Huge Range Of Non Gravitational Physical Phenomena And Has Some Strangely Counter Intuitive Consequences These Include Time Dilation, Length Contraction, The Relativity Of Simultaneity, Mass Energy Equivalence And An Absolute Speed Limit General Relativity, The Leading Theory Of Gravity, Is At The Heart Of Our Understanding Of Cosmology And Black Holes Summed Up In The Words Of Eminent Theoretical Physicist John Archibald Wheeler Matter Tells Space How To Curve Space Tells Matter How To MoveI Must Observe That The Theory Of Relativity Resembles A Building Consisting Of Two Separate Stories, The Special Theory And The General Theory The Special Theory, On Which The General Theory Rests, Applies To All Physical Phenomena With The Exception Of Gravitation The General Theory Provides The Law Of Gravitation And Its Relations To The Other Forces Of Nature Albert Einstein, Understand Even The Basics Of Einstein S Amazing Theory And The World Will Never Seem The Same AgainContentsPrefaceIntroduction Foundation Mathematics Newtonian Mechanics Special Relativity Introducing The Manifold Scalars, Vectors, One Forms And Tensors More On Curvature General Relativity The Newtonian Limit The Schwarzschild Metric Schwarzschild Black Holes Cosmology Gravitational WavesAppendix The Riemann Curvature TensorBibliographyAcknowledgementsJanuary This Revised Printing Includes New Chapter Cosmology Sections On A Scale Factor And A Spacetime Diagram For Our Universe El libro hace accesible las matem ticas de la teor a general de la relatividad bastante complejas , manteniendo cierto rigor Es el libro adecuado para cualquiera que haya hecho primero de cualquier carrera cient fica o ingenier a y sepa algo de c lculo y de lgebra. Es un libro para estudiar desde lo mas simple hasta lo m s comple, conceptos muy b sicos muy bien explicados Empieza explicando desde el principio los conceptos matem ticos que desarrollan la Teor a de la Relatividad. Recomendable Para aquellos que, sin tener grandes estudios de f sica, quieran tener un conocimiento de la Teor a de la Relatividad algo m s profundo que el expuesto habitualmente en los libros de divulgaci n.Requiere un m nimo conocimiento previo de c lculo elemental, pues si no puede resultar un poco arduo. S per clarito Quiz s empieza desde un nivel un poco bajo empieza explicando pit goras pero la verdad es que es una manera muy clara de introducir a las matem ticas de la realidad Yo lo utilizo con otros libros, cada vez que voy a estudiar algo nuevo leo la introducci n en ste, porque m s claro, imposible.