download Textbooks A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics: v. 4 (Texts in Applied Mathematics) By Jerrold E Marsden –

This book looks like it was written with a typewriter The text is very light and sometimes hard to read. A Presentation Of Some Of The Basic Ideas Of Fluid Mechanics In A Mathematically Attractive Manner The Text Illustrates The Physical Background And Motivation For Some Constructions Used In Recent Mathematical And Numerical Work On The Navier Stokes Equations And On Hyperbolic Systems, So As To Interest Students In This At Once Beautiful And Difficult Subject This Third Edition Incorporates A Number Of Updates And Revisions, While Retaining The Spirit And Scope Of The Original Book The presentation is needlessly confusing, and feels like abridged class notes than a proper and rigorous introduction Overall, the subject is presented starting from the specific to the general case viscous flow , which doesn t help here Also, the lack of tensor notation is detrimental especially when talking about tensors.For those looking for a proper mathematical approach to fluid mechanics, I would recommend instead Rutherford Aris Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics Night and Day For instance, Aris s introduction of Lagrangian and Eulerian viewpoints along with the material derivative is exemplary in its clarity Aris book also has the advantage of tending to introduce the general equations first, and trimming them down for specific cases, which helps a lot Why learn the simplified equations, when it is not the full story For example, Cauchy s equation of motion is given with the divergence of the stress tensor from the start and is always true , rather than the gradient of pressure, which is a sub case pertaining to non viscous flow. I would agree with the first reviewer s comments that this is an excellent book for someone with a strong advanced math background It is a very concise mathematical treatment of fluid mechanics I can also see why the 2nd reviewer had some issues I would not recommend this book for an undergrad class as it does not have very strong verbal descriptions of the mathematical formulas which would make understanding somewhat difficult to the non mathematician, but I would not trust his judgment on accuracy This book is very good for the graduate engineer that wants to challenge his understanding of fluid mechanics to a mathematical understanding If you are not confident in your math skills however, you may want to look elsewhere.