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An essential addition to the reference works on Shona, a Bantu language, and one of Zimbabwe s major languages, spoken by about three quarters of the country s population Shona is spoken as far north as Congo, and Kenya, and as far south as South Africa The dictionary contains some , entries, drawings, examples of usages, and illustrations

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  2. R. F. Stevens R. F. Stevens says:

    Having spent my childhood in the Rhodesias I picked up a lot of what was called Basic Bantu, which was then mainly Shona So coming across this neat little book, with the illustrations for many of the key words, was a happy reminder of how many delights I had forgotten in forty years.However, while there are quite a few words I remember from common usage that I could not find listed, so the Basic in the title is relevant, I am happy that this book does make an excellent introduction to the vocabulary.I had also forgotten how complex the language was in some ways it has a structure analogous to Welsh, with modifiers usually being applied to the beginning of a word Compare this with the Latin based languages we are familiar with, which use endings.It has some essential appendices that help with clarification on the use of the modifiers, but I think these could usefully be further enhanced to be truly helpful.However, you still need two books if you want to be able to use Shona to any extent Duramazwi A Shona English Dictionary, also by Dale but written later and a usage book, such asBeginner s Shona Chishona Hippocrene Beginner s Series by Aquilina Mawadza Both are available from .

  3. Thomas Martin Thomas Martin says:

    It is quite a good dictionary, for its rather small size The English words are followed by definition, which is usually quite superfluous, except where the English word has than one meaning The Shona words show the tone on each syllable, unlike some other dictionaries for tonal Bantu languages that I have seen So that is very good The nouns show the class and plural, very useful The English words don t show English pronunciation, nor do the irregular English verbs show the past tense or participle So the dictionary is not very useful for native speakers of Shona But for speakers of English, it is very useful.

  4. Brent W. Brent W. says:

    This item was a great opportunity for my girlfriend and I to practice learn words from her native language.

  5. Amanda Foss Amanda Foss says:

    I wish it was a Shona to English dictionary in addition to English to Shona, but otherwise I really like it It arrived really quickly I m very satisfied with my purchase.