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Themes Hi Lo, urban nonfiction, music, entrepreneur, Hip Hop, celebrities, biographies The world knowsCent as a hip hop artist and movie star He has won dozens of awards and made millions of dollars He works to end hunger around the world ButCent, also known as Fiddy, grew up living a very different life in South Jamaica, Queens It was the height of thes crack epidemic And Fiddy was dealing crack by age twelve There s no doubt about it, today s students listen to an average ofhours of music every day Guess what they are listening to Hip hop is mainstream, continually topping Billboard s Hotcharts These Hi Lo biographies engage striving readers from the very beginning with blinged out covers, stunning four color photographs, modern and graphic page design, and high interest informational text Biographies highlight the unique characteristics of each mega rapper, including childhood struggles, personal style, rivalries, giving back, andEachpage book includes a timeline and glossary, with vocabulary words highlighted throughout