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Hnnngggglove this manga!This is how supposedly a shonenai manga has to be written I needmanga like this!Meski baru 4 chapter tapi sudah berhasil menguwesnguwes hatikuuu *criesIt's portrays a realistic problem of a closeted gay highschooler.STORYHasegawa Yuiji accidentally knows Yoshinaga Yamato's secret that he's a gay Even though Hasegawa already suspected it, still the knowledge confusing him how to behaves normally around Yoshinaga But after another accidental revelation, both Hasegawa Yoshinaga starts to open up and bond such a friendship.CHARACTERSHasegawa Yuiji: good at maths, already have a girlfriend, but I personally think that this girlfriend thing was just a convenient Yoshinaga Yamato: good at sport, so far he acted normal around his friends but deep inside he feel guilty for hiding his identity and feel that his life is fake He's only out to Hasegawa and one of his friend that is a girl (forgot her name :D, love this girl anyway such a supportive friend)I really hope that the next volume will comes out soon!(Sy setengah berharap Hasegawa jadian ama Yoshinaga tapi nanti itu jadi klise dan membenarkan anggapan bahwa tidak ada persahabatan murni antara gay dan straight :|tapi gak rela kalo Yoshinaga ama yang lainnn :( ) recieved a copy from netgalley for review!I'm not sure how much of my issues were based in the kind of messed up format the earc was in, but I kept getting characters and events confused its a slice of life romance manga, but I couldn't understand what was happening half the time again, some of it could've been the formatting of my review copy, but I didn't enjoy this as much as I was hoping wonderful art and overall concept though, I think! This is the definition of a slowburn there's not really any romance yet to speak of, but we can see that Tagura is planting the seeds that will eventually grow into one Right now it's actually a lovely story of friendship Yuiji is just there for Yamato, who is struggling with being in the closet, and listening to his problems is helping Yuiji to realize what's lacking in his own life, to say nothing of the allimportant realization that being gay doesn't make you less human I'm not always a fan of slowmoving stories, but this one has me hooked, because I genuinely want the two protagonists to be happy, whatever that means.even if I can't always tell the characters apart from the art.3.5 ARC provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Despite the questionable formatting of the ePub, I really did enjoy this book a lot It shone a spotlight onto identity, figuring yourself out, figuring out your sexuality and being a good friend Although there wasn't a prominent romance, I did find myself loving the approach that Hasegawa had when he discovered one of his classmates was gay He tried to support his classmate, Yoshinaga, no matter what and that bromance was highlighted throughout the 4 chapters contained in this book I enjoyed it so much although it was a bit hard to read at times I blame that on the formatting of the ePub Just note it did not impact this review and my rating scale.All in all, I'll definitely be back for the sequel though and I can't wait until it's released! ACTUAL RATING: 4.2 STARS This awkward slow burn cuteness is killing me Also the friendship level is A Really good a story about a gay and a straight high school student who are *gasp* just friends (so far, but I can't tell where the story is going, which is rare) I really like it so far and can't wait to know how this is going to develop. I've been provided with ARC in exchange for a honest review I am usually sucker for a good BL manga, especially set in high school Tha's why I had such high hopes for Koimonogatari I must say I am mostly confused I think the biggest problem was formatting of the ARC, that was unreadable in the lot of places and it made whole experience very very unpleasant I am not the only reviewer who had such problems, which is a shame Story is about a young high schooler who finds out that one of his closest friends is gay and is in love with their mutual friend who is very oblivious to the fact Very interesting concept, right? From what I recognized, manga focuses on selfdiscovery, friendships and growing as a person Pace is quite slow, so I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who likes their fastpaced stories It also felt kind of monotone from time to time I am pretty sure I'd have better experience if formatting was better but I can't really say if I liked art of Tagura or not In the end, if you get chance to read physical manga, try it It's not the best BL out there but it's not definitely the worst.3/5* Koimonogatari: Love Stories, Vol 1 (2020/05/18)Rating 2/5 StarsDisclaimer: Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy to review This was a cute slow burn Manga to read I really enjoyed the writing style and the art design Although this was a love story between Yamato and Yuji, I really appreciated the slow burn and build up we got to see for the characters as their relationship blossomed We also got to see Yamato discover new friendships while also failing for Yuji which was really interesting Unfortunately, I had a hard time connecting with the characters and this isn't an alltime favourite manga for me. Cute but to slow for my tastes Popular ePub, こいものがたり 1 [Koimonogatari 1] (Koimonogatari, #1) author Tohru Tagura This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book こいものがたり 1 [Koimonogatari 1] (Koimonogatari, #1), essay by Tohru Tagura Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you